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The Jesus Chatline with Richard Burnish

What Was the Jesus Chatline

Sometime in 2011, Steven Chilton and Richard Burnish made an astonishing discovery-that they could, in fact, form a satirical (not to mention fictional) branch of Christianity, one which would go by a flowery name and host plenty of webcasts and streamed shows. It was out of these moments of epiphany that the name Church of […]

Money coming out of a mobile phone. Chatline business concept

How to Start Your Very Own Chatline Business

Would you like to start your own dating chatline business? A dating chatline is a great add-on component to existing dating sites. If you own a phone dating site and would like to add a phone dating component. Come up with your own brand and create a chatline that caters to your audience. Examples of […]

Child being scam by thief on the phone

What Happened to 900 Premium Rate Phone Numbers ?

Relationship advice, psychic readings, song lyrics, video game hints; you could get it all if you dialed the number on your screen. In the 80’s and 90’s 900 phone numbers were a big hit, mostly because the channels for getting information then were limited to television, radio and telephones. Premium-rate telephone phone numbers are telephone […]

Lovely couple reunited

Now You Can Find Your Missed Connections On Our Forum

Are you looking for someone you met on a chatline? Maybe your minutes ran out before you were able to exchange contact information. All’s not lost. Now you can connect with those missed connections on our forum. Simply post a message under missed connections with your name and details of the conversation you had with […]

Guy on Free Phone Sex Line

How You Can Have Free Phone Sex Using Chatline Trials

Are you considering getting into phone sex, but don’t know where to start? You may have seen the ads on TV late one night- hot singles wanting to chat and get kinky for $4.99 per minute. You reach for your mobile phone and thought of giving it a go, as you are feeling kind of […]

Male Chatline Operator

Funny Chatline Prank Calls

Check out these funny chatline pranks. Schwarzenegger Calls A Chatline The Threesome Funny or Die Live Links prank phone call – watch more funny videos Dr. Phil Calls a Lesbian Chatline The Magic Moment Challenge: Record your own chatline prank, upload it to YouTube and let us know so we can post it here. You […]

Top Dating Chatline Commercials

The Funniest Chatline TV Commercials

Chatline commercials are usually pretty sexy, but sometimes chatline companies put a little extra effort into making their commercials particularly hilarious. Check out these funny commercials for chatlines: 1. A Guy Who Listens | by LiveLinks Two guys are at a restaurant when the waitress comes up. “So what can I get you guys today?”. […]

Safe Places to Meet Your Date for The First Time (And Places You Should Avoid)

So you are planning to meet your chatline friend for the first time and you don’t know where you should go. You should think of places where you can see them without it being too awkward or uncomfortable for both of you. Also at the same time you would want to look for somewhere that […]

Cautious Dating Couple

Phone Dating Safety Tips

Dating is exciting at every age and pretty much all the young or old folks out there want to find that special someone to connect with. The anonymity and the infinite possibility of meeting “the one” makes phone chat lines and internet chat rooms one of the best mediums to connect with several people at […]

How Dating Chatlines Work

Every day, thousands of real people call a phone dating chatline looking for new friendships, relationships or just a little bit of fun. Chatlines are telephone numbers that you can call to meet and talk to local people live in your area. They should not be confused with sex hotlines where you pay to talk […]

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