Glossary of Chatline Related Terms

Access Charge
A fixed per-minute rate that is charged on an individual by his/her own phone company for calls made to numbers starting with 09, 084 and 087. The charge also applies for calls made to directory enquiries services number, 118.
A fraudulent way of adding phone charges to a subscriber’s phone bill by a third party without the subscriber’s knowledge or consent. The fees added on are usually small and disguised as tax charges or standard deductions so that the user will overlook them and pay up.
Chatline App
An mobile application available on smartphone devices (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and even on PCs) that enables exchange of free instant chatline messages whenever and wherever with group chats and one-on-one.
Area code
A three-digit number that is dialed when calling from one region to another and which identifies, one of the service areas into which Canada, the US, and several other countries are divided.
Auto Answer
A feature supported by many mobile phone, computers, and smartphone devices which enables them to answer incoming calls even if one is not present.
A Chatline’s backbone is part of a phone network infrastructure that encounters various pieces of network thereby providing a path for exchange of information between different sub-networks.
Charge backs
Charge backs happen when a customer, for any reasons (ranging from fraudulent credit card use to dissatisfaction with service or good received), disputes a transaction on their credit card through their issuing bank. Bill Backs
Black Chatlines
A telephone service which allows dating conversation among black people who separately call into it. Also called Urban Chatlines. Some of the most popular black chatlines include Vibeline and Metrovibe
Busy Tone
A busy tone in telephony is a visual or audio signal to the calling party which indicates failure to fully complete the connection of that particular phone call.
The person placing a call on a telephone network.
Caller Id
The phone feature that identifies and displays the phone number of a caller on the phone device of the recipient before the call is accepted. The location, subscriber name or location is shown on the recipient’s telephone.
Dial tone:
The Dial tone with its separate beeps indicates whether your machine is connected and ready to use or not. The lack of a dial tone indicates, the phone is not connected and cannot be used until you do so.
DID number

(direct inward dialing number): The DID feature enables a a customer to call an extension within an organization directly, without needing an operator to transfer the call to the desired number.
Disposable number:
A disposable number is one that allows you to stay connected to anyone without giving out any personal information and can be disposed off (disconnected) at the touch of a button.
DTMF tones:
DTMF tones are sounds or tones the phone produces when the keys or screen (in the case of a touch screen phone) are touched. These tones can be activated and deactivated at will.
FMG (first media group):
First Media group is a full service advertising agency that has been concentrating on strategic marketing solutions to improve communication for the past 35 years.
Free chatline:
Free chatlines are numbers you can use for to chat, date, meet or hookup with strangers around the city. You enter your area code and you are connected to other single people near you.
Free chatline trial:
Chatlines usually have free trials wherein the first call is free for a new user after which a membership purchase is required for continued use.
Gay chatline:
Gay chatline are numbers where one can chat, date, meet or hookup with someone belonging to their own sex/gender. GuySpy Voice, Guyline and Hardline are some of the largest gay chatlines
Google Voice:
Google voice is a telephone system that provides special services to google customers, such as Call forwarding, Voicemail, Voice and text messaging as well as domestic and international call termination. It provides a number with area code as selected by the customer and is free of charge for each user account.
A main part of the communication line. This is the place where information arrives and from where it is transported to other directions.
Hybrid chatline
Hybrid chatlines start as a regular phone chat line but upsell other services such as erotic conversation.
A chatline’s infrastructure consists of the servers, switchs and computer software that enable the service.
IVR System
Interactive Voice Response System. Electronic system used in telecommunications, which allows people to correspond with a computer. It is a simple program, where computer offers a couple of options and the speaker chose one with the appropriate key entry.
Line is presented in the form of a wire or other medium, which connects the user’s telephone to the whole telecommunication network. Every line has a phone number that is used for reaching its user, and controlling the payment of the services.
Live chat
This term is usually used along with online support groups; it is a method of communication where people can communicate directly with the support service. It is also used on dating sites where people communicate among each other, sending text messages. Live chat in its advanced form contains a video connection, which allows people to see each other.
Live connector
Live connector is a type of program, which allows you to connect to multiple social and dating networks at the same time, and to keep all the information on one place.
Live request
Request is a term used in social and dating networks, where one person wants to establish a contact and communication with the other.
A social and dating company, where men and women can communicate with each other. It is one of the biggest company in North America, which allows people to chat over their phones. This is different from dating websites since you can actually talk with another person.
Local Access Number
The telephone number that offers cheap rates for the calls being made. These numbers can be used as an alternative to the regular phone numbers in order to save the credit balances. It also helps in easy and quick dialling of numbers.
Local loop
Local loop is the subscriber line or the physical line that forms a connection between the boundary line of the customer area and the limit of the network owned by the telecommunication provider. The physical line consists of a twisted pair of wires.
Mailbox refers to the public or private box in which the letters and envelopes are posted that will be collected by the concerned or authorized persons. In computer terminology, it refers to the folder where the electronic mails are received and saved. It can also save any chats or messages as a draft in case the receiver is not currently available.
Naughty Chatline
Phone chat that involves the use of sexual and naughty words between persons who are not personally in contact with each other. This type of chat is usually restricted to the adults. Well known naughty chatlines include RedHot, Nightline and AffairHub.
A naughty chatline by FMG. It comes as a free option for the first time users.

Node can either refer to a connection point, terminal point or a redistribution point. As a telephonic term, a node is an electronic device which has the capability to create, receive or transmit data through the communication channel, the device being attached to a network.

Operators are the persons who work on the telephone circuits and switchboards. They are also involved in the establishment of the connection between the exchange and the subscriber. They can provide or extract messages through the telephone.
Party Line
The telephone circuit loop that is used by multiple subscribers of the telephone services on a shared basis. The subscribers will have a common exchange that will render its services.
Softswitch is the software switch that bridges between the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) along with the separation of the call control functions of the phone calls from the media gateway (also known as transport layer). Softswitch can be specifically termed as an API (Application Program Interface) software.
Softphone is the software telephone that is programmed to enable VoIP calls from various computing devices. RingCentral and Google Voice offer softphone functionality for your phone and computer.
Speed Number
The facility to access the regularly dialed number in the easiest possible way. It helps in the reduced number of keys being involved in dialing. Speed numbers helps in the quick access of recently dialed and regularly dialed numbers. You can store your favorite chatline as a speed number.
A free dating chatline provider. Talkee hosts the famous Donut chatlines. Because the chatlines by talkee are free, they are also unmoderated
Tariff is the official document that details about the service types and the rates of the services being provided by the communication provider. This is a mandatory document that should be produced by all the service providers.
Telco denotes the telephone company. It involves the delivery of various communication services and data services to its customers. They are governed by certain guidelines and principles, no matter, whether they are run by the government sector or the private sector.
Telemarketing is the marketing process in which the goods and services are marketed through the telephone to the potential customers. They involve a dedicated group of telemarketers or a preprogrammed voice calls.
Teletypewriter (tty) (twx) (telex)
Teletypewriter is the input device that will be used to input the inclined alphanumeric characters to the computers or the printers. They are usually typed one at a time and comes in various types.
Teligence is the telecommunication chatline company offering various services to the people across the world. The company offers services in calls, voice and messages and has been in operation for 25 years.
Toll Call
Toll call is the call made to the areas that are not covered by the local telephone service provider and the rates of the calls are subject to vary with different service providers.
Red Hot Dateline
A number that a person calls to have an erotic chat. The service is usually toll free and in some cases has an initial period as a free trial after which a standard fee is charged.
A back up system that would go into use in case of the primary system failing. It includes components such as fans, servers, hard disk drives and operating systems.
Ring-back tone
An audible indicator to the originator of a call that the telephone in the destination is ringing. In recent times, the ring back tone has been replaced by announcements and personalized music chosen by the individual in the destination being called.
Ringing signal
A digital sound file played by a phone to serve as an alert for an incoming call.
Service Bureau
A company that offers its services to other companies at a fee. In telecommunications, a service bureau refers to call centers or customer care areas which large companies may outsource their operations to.
Signaling system 7
It is an international telecommunications standard that defines how the network components in a public switched telephone network (PTSN) exchange information over a digital signaling network. There are nodes in an SS7 network called signaling points.
A cell phone with an advanced operating system. The operating system has features are similar to those of a personal computer, which it combines with components useful for a handheld device. Typical smartphones have features like GPS navigation, a camera, media player and a touchscreen user interface.
Acronym for Short Message Service. These are short texts sent from one mobile phone to another using standardized communication protocols. Chatlines might send you SMSs after you register for their free trial.
Toll free
Toll free is a telephone service where the receiving number is billed for the incurring charges rather than the originating number. This service is free for the caller at all times.
Toll free access number
Also known as a freephone number, a toll free access number is a telephone number that is charged for receiving calls. This means the originating telephone or caller is not billed for the service and assorted costs.
A trunk is a telephone number that can handle multiple signals or calls at the same time and connects to nodes or major switch centers simultaneously.
Uncensored Chatline
When communication is uncensored, it means that the messages between parties are not examined or expurgated in any way or edited to remove objectionable content


Unmoderated Chatline
When a chatline is unmoderated, it means that it is not monitored for offensive or inappropriate content. It also means participants the chat get the exact messages a member posts.
Urban Chatline
An urban Chatline is a city-specific chat system that is exclusively available for people living in or visiting the city. In some cases, an urban chatline for a city may include members from close cities and states. See also black chatline.
Virtual number
A virtual number is also referred to as an access number or DID. It is a phone number that is not directly associated with a telephone number. It is a system programmed number that forwards incoming calls to a pre-set telephone number chosen by a subscriber.
Voicemail is a system that enables callers to leave recorded messages when the person they intend to reach is unavailable or cannot receive the call. A voicemail is also a message left on this system.
Voice over Internet Protocol is a system of telephony that enables the use of the Internet as a transmission medium for phone calls and voice data. Vonage is the largest residential VoIP company.