About The Chatline Guide

The Chatline Guide is the brainchild of technologies and phone chat enthusiast Richard Leonard. Richard got tired of tracking down all the chatline phone numbers though local publications and the internet every night. The list grew organically and Richard added more and more chatlines. Every time he stumbled upon a new phone chat service, Richard would hesitate to call, try it out and add it to his list of chatlines.

When chatlines started offering free trials, Richard saw an opportunity. There where so many chatlines that he could talk for hour for free so he started keeping track of free trial offers as well.

One day, his good friend David saw this list. David was a accomplished entrepreneur and knew a thing or two about the internet. He said, Richard, “this is a great resource! There is nothing like this posted online. You should share it on the internet.” He was right, before the chatline guide came along, all the chatlines were advertised on different classified websites, and small local publications.

It took years for the chatline guide to get traction. Only Richard and a few of his friends knew about its existence until people on the internet started to share the list on forums, personal blogs and even social media. Without knowing, the site had grew from a couple dozen viewers a day to couple thousand. The chatline guide’s user base continues to grow month after month. There are even now now plans to distribute a printed version the chatline guide’s ultimate list of chatlines and party lines.