Phone Dating Safety Tips

Cautious Dating Couple

Cautious Dating  Couple

Dating is exciting at every age and pretty much all the young or old folks out there want to find that special someone to connect with. The anonymity and the infinite possibility of meeting “the one” makes phone chat lines and internet chat rooms one of the best mediums to connect with several people at once. But there are few DOs and DON’Ts that you need to keep in mind before you take a dip in this big bad world of online dating.

Staying Safe On The Phone

Take it as it comes: It is quite tempting to get carried away by the emotions you are feeling when you meet someone new on a phone chatline. Do not start looking up your wedding dresses right at the outset! You have just met the person and know nothing about him/her and be assured in your mind that you may be talking to a lunatic for all you know!

Be skeptical: Don’t go looking for a companion on the phone chat lines with rose-tinted glasses on.Just because someone shows a bit of interest in you is no reason to jump the gun yet. You need to be sceptical when it comes to internet or phone romances. You have limited information and it can be hard to judge a person correctly.

Consider video chat: The best way to assess if a person is lying or telling the truth is to ask them to video chat. You would know instantly if the girl is the hot, tall blonde that she says she is or a mother of four! Or if you are lucky – both! It may not be right to video chat straight away but if you think you need to move further with the relationship, you have a reason to believe that a face-to-face rendezvous is a better way to communicate.

Use Google to your advantage: If a person claims to be someone then don’t hesitate to look them up online. This is a good way to know if they are who they claim to be. Sex offenders or criminals will show up on Google. This is a good way to safeguard yourself before you are way into the game.

Don’t miss the clues: It’s true that most people fake their personalities on phone chat rooms but their voices can give you clues into their personalities. You can tell by the intonations and the way of talking if the other person is who he/she says it is.

Do not dole out personal information: Everyone knows you should not give your bank details to the stranger on the other side but it is staggering how many people actually do it. For whatever reason, do not give your personal details like social security number or bank details to the person on the line. Do not be moved by requests of financial assistants and sob stories that people tell you in phone chat rooms.

Is it the right time to meet?

Don’t hurry to meet: Everything may seem hunky dory at first and you may want to meet up with the person of your dreams. But don’t hurry up into it. It’s usually the test of patience that brings out the worst in us. Give it time before you make this move.

Meet in a public place: This is as true for a girl as for a guy. If you are not comfortable with the chosen place of meeting then pick it up yourself. The better way to take it forward is to express your fears without any hesitation.

Know what you are drinking: Don’t let the person you hardly know carry your drink. You don’t want questionable stuff like date rape drug or other hard drugs to go into your drinks.

Make your intentions clear: Don’t lead on someone if you are not looking for what they are. The worst situation that either parties can face is one expecting something other than usual. It’s best to be honest about your situation and intentions to the person you are talking to. If you have just survived a traumatic relationship and are not ready to go forward then make it very clear to the person you are talking to. If you are looking for a casual relationship, make that crystal clear too.

Don’t invite the stranger home: It may be tempting to call home the person you have been talking to all night long. But even in a fit of emotion do not give away your address. There have been way too many recorded instances of stalking and violent crimes involving jilted lovers. Be safe, do not open your door to trouble.

Planning a night of sex?

Don’t give in to arm twisting: Don’t be afraid to turn down sexual advances that you don’t like or that display aggressive behavior. Arm twisting is a classic characteristic of a thug and you don’t want to fall into the trap.

Don’t reveal intimate information: So you are in bed with the stranger and get swayed into telling too much. Giving intimate details about your current life and past relationships too soon leaves you emotionally vulnerable to a stranger. They can easily overpower you and leave you emotionally exhausted.

Don’t jump into it too soon: It is understandable that you are feeling mushy about this person whose voice you hear pretty much every night. But sex is not something you want to hurry up into. Make sure that you have thought it through before you take a plunge. This could be a move you regret, so it’s advisable to even take suggestions from people who are close to you.

Practice Safe Sex: Prevent STDs by making sure that you always use a contraceptive. A condom is the safest way to start a sexual relationship with someone you met on a chatline. Don’t give into the pressure of not using a condom. Always insist on using protection, even if the other person assures you he or she is clean and STD free. Homosexual men meeting through a gay chatline are especially vulnerable to contracting a sexually transmitted disease. As an alternative, you can buy STD testing kits on your local pharmacy.