Safe Places to Meet Your Date for The First Time (And Places You Should Avoid)


So you are planning to meet your chatline friend for the first time and you don’t know where you should go. You should think of places where you can see them without it being too awkward or uncomfortable for both of you. Also at the same time you would want to look for somewhere that is safe. The safest place to meet someone is in a public place where there are many people around and just in case there is a problem you can cause a scene and someone will come to your rescue.

Here are some suggestions on where to meet your phone friend for the first time:

1. The Mall

This is one of the best places you can meet someone for the first time. This is because: it is public, there are many exit points and you can have one of your friends to discretely tag along. The mall provides a number of activities of which you can be involved with. You can either choose to share a meal depending on the time of day you have agreed to meet, you can do something fun like bowling, skating, watch a movie and people watch while you get to know each other. It is a place where people of all ages can meet whether both of you are teens, young adults, millennials or older adults. It is perfect for everyone.

2. A Busy Restaurant

This is another great place to have your first date. This will give you all the information you will need to know about the person that you have been talking to for all this time. You will get to see how s/he treats waiters and busboys; how generous s/he is with their tips and how they carry themselves in public. In a restaurant, you will not be allowed to stay for too long hence it will give you a brief opportunity to see who are dealing with and you can decide whether you will see them again or not.

Here are places that you should never agree to meet the person

1. His/Her home

When the person suggests that you meet at their place of residence this should be a red flag and you should refuse. When you are at the person’s home, you will be at their mercy as they can decide to do anything they want to you without you being able to defend yourself. In the home, the person can drug you or forceful take advantage of you. All the while you will not be able to get help to you. If you do it will be too late.

2. A place at night

The person might lure you into meeting in a public place at night. He or she might want you to meet at the beach, park or anywhere at night trying to fool you that the place would be romantic. These places are safe to go to during the day, but they can become dangerous at night. This is because the places are secluded and the guy or girl you are meeting can choose to take advantage of you and you will not be able to protect yourself.

3. Hotel room

This is also one of the last places you would want to meet your online friend. The reason for this is because meeting in a hotel room means the person just wants to have sexual relations with you and doesn’t want to waste his time or money. By meeting here, you will be devaluing yourself and ensuring that the relationship has no future.

4. A Parking Lot

This also goes without saying is a bad place to meet because you are not sure where the person will take you. Your date could have an idea of where he or she wants to take you but you should refuse as you are not sure if it is a place you would want to go. Also meeting in a parking lot means you cannot tell your family members where you will be going for the date.

5. Your House

Your home could be a very safe place for you to have a meeting. The problem is that the person you are inviting over might not be someone you would want in your home. This is because the person could be a thief and he or she could steal your belongings. Secondly if the meeting goes south and you don’t want to see him or her they will always be able to come to your house to see you. This will make it harder for you to avoid the person.

As you will both be excited to see each other you should both set some ground rules and some expectations of the first date. You should both agree which is the best place for you to meet and talk and that both of you will be comfortable. You will not want to suggest a place where one of you had had a negative experience or s/he doesn’t like it. Also, you should talk about what you both want out of the first meeting. There are people who would like just to see each other and there are other people who would prefer to have sexual intercourse after the initial meeting. Keeping this conversation honest will help determine what you will both expect and in the end no one will be disappointed.

Thanks to phone dating chatlines like AffairHub and LiveLinks, online dating websites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison, and social apps like like Tinder and Grindr, it is now easier than ever to meet people without actually getting to see them physically.

As a result, more and more people are meeting online to start friendships, have a casual relationship and in some cases they have fallen in love and it led to marriage.

With the new technologies that are out there, they have the same problem with the old ones. The problem that they have is arranging the first date. When you talk to someone online they might seem like an angel and s/he makes you want to spend so much time with them. The problem comes in as many people don’t portray their actual personality when they are online. The person could pretend to be a good person but in actual sense they are not. With this, many men and women are actually afraid to meet the people they are talking to as they fear that it could turn out to be a nightmare.

Where do you usually go on a first date? What places do you avoid? Share your wisdom in the comments below.