How Dating Chatlines Work

Every day, thousands of real people call a phone dating chatline looking for new friendships, relationships or just a little bit of fun. Chatlines are telephone numbers that you can call to meet and talk to local people live in your area. They should not be confused with sex hotlines where you pay to talk to a phone sex operator (PSO). There are many different chatlines which cater to different types of users and the experiences they are looking for. There is literally a chat line for just about any category you can think of. But before you go running anxiously to your phone, let me explain how they work and how you can get started using them right away!

There are three main companies that control most of the chatlines:

Company Major Chatlines Owned
Teligence Logo
  • LiveLinks: (855) 993 0584
  • Fonochat: (855) 972 4661
  • GuySpy: (866) 945 0058
  • InteractiveMale: (800) 698 6986
  • RedHot: (844) 903 1829
  • VibeLine: (855) 993 0253
First Media Group Logo
  • QuestChat: (855) 993 0584
  • Nightline: (855) 972 4661
  • Hardline: (866) 945 0058
  • Lavalife Voice: (877) 800 5282

There are other companies but these two are by far the most well known and established. Regardless of who runs these chat lines, what matters is how they work and how you can use them.

Here are the steps you will need to take to get started using just about any chat line.


For the most popular and up-to-date chat lines, please see our list below.

All chat lines are different but they usually work the same way. Once you have been connected, you will most likely be asked to create a username, numeric passcode, accept the terms and conditions and/or agree to start a free trial. Some chat lines are free but most will only offer you a free trial. Don’t worry as you won’t be asked for your credit card until after the trial is over.

The most successful chat lines to date are as follows:

● Livelinks – Singles/Dating – 1.855.993.0584

● QuestChat – Singles/Dating – 1.866.736.4100

● AffairHUB – Extramarital Dating – 1.801.409.1444

● RedHot – Adult – 1.844.903.1829

● Fonochat – Latin – 1.855.972.4661

● Nightline – Hot/Dirty – 1.866.736.4500

● Roulette – Mainstream – 1.561.282.9677

● The System – LGBTQ – 1.509.876.5540

● GUYLINE – Gay – 1.310.484.7272

● VIBELINE – Ebony/Urban – 1.855.993.0253

● CHEATCHAT – Extramarital – 1.800.709.3825

● Lavender Line – Lesbian – 1.800.688.6880

● HARDLINE – Gay Dating – 1.866.736.4300

● FunChat – Sex – 1.855.FUN.CHAT

● Talkee – Party Line – LOCAL NUMBERS


Once you have listened to the chatlines disclosures, they will ask you to record your name so do so after the beep.

After you have recorded your name, they will ask you to record a brief greeting. Your name and greeting are what other callers will hear before they choose whether or not to connect with you. So it is always a good idea to take recording your greeting seriously if you want others to take you seriously.
There are different ways you can go about this and it is completely up to you.


Now that you have recorded your own name and greeting, you will be able to hear other people’s names and greetings to decide if you want to connect with them to chat. The old chat lines used to randomly connect you or match you with people based on all types of algorithms, but the new chat lines allow you to choose who you want to talk to.
You will be given instructions on how to skip, go back, repeat and select greetings beforehand.


Once you find a greeting you like, you can send a message to them or you can just proceed to step 6.

Everyone is able send messages and anyone will be able to respond to messages. Often times you will message someone back and forth a few times before you connect with them. Sometimes you won’t even connect with them. Every situation is different. So there is no telling what will happen.
Also, sometimes you will encounter trolls sending you strange messages for amusement. If you’re the type of person that finds these types of things funny, then you’ll love chat lines even more. This is all part of the experience and can be quite rampant so expect it at least once or twice.


Now that you have found someone you’re interested in chatting with, send them a request to connect. They will choose whether to accept or reject your request and you will also be informed if they are already chatting with someone else. Just like you can send requests to others, anyone can send requests to you. Sometimes just sitting back and waiting for someone to be interested in you works better than going through the process of listening to everyone else’s greetings and trying to message or connect with them. Everyone is different and goes about it in their own way. That is what makes chat lines so great. You get the freedom to choose how you want to chat and what kind of experience you want to have.


You’ve finally gotten connected with someone and now it’s time to chat. If you’re the shy type, lacking in conversational skills or are just unsure how to talk to someone, there are plenty of articles online that can help you. Chat lines are a great, easy way to develop conversational skills in the comfort of your own home with less stress and anxiety than you would normally get in person. Just relax and have fun!

Most of these chat lines will only give you a 30-60 minute free trial. When the free trial is up, they usually charge you by the minute to continue using their service. The only completely free chatline on this list is Talkee. So if you’re looking to have fun without spending any money, feel free to go to their website (listed above) and call one of the local lines in your area.

Even with mainstream social networks and internet chat rooms, there are still hundreds of thousands of people all over the world using chat lines every day. They are a great and entertaining way to meet new people both locally and far away, work on social skills, kill time, and much more. I hope you have fun and I wish you the best of luck chatting!