Top Gay Singles Chatline Phone Numbers

You can try all the gay chatlines for free if calling from a new phone!

These are the top interactive gay phone chat lines in the US and Canada. Call each number on the list and find your new favorite line for gay chat! You can call any or all of the gay chatlines below for free! There is no credit card required if you call using the access numbers below:

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GuySpy Voice is the hottest place for gay men’s chat in North America. Call now and hook up with str8, gay and bi-curious guys in your city for gay phone chat and hot local hookups. Engage in live gay men chat with hot guys in your area, or reach beyond your city and live out your fantasies with hot guys from all over.

You can try GuySpy voice for free, no credit card required! This chat line will hook you up with real guys who are just looking to chat and have a good time with other men. The site says that it’s a private way to discover your hottest hook ups. Enjoy chatting anonymously in sessions that are private and confidential. The chat covers North America and has thousands of guys calling every day! Read more

Free Trial: 60 Minutes

RedHot Dateline — the spicy brand of the Teligence chatlines now gives male callers the option to chat with women or men. The chatline now caters to both straight, gay and bi-sexual callers who don’t mind getting a a bit “dirty”.

Free Trial: 30 Minutes

GuyLine is reinventing gay chat and party lines! It encourages gay men to be themselves without fear of being judged or rejected. GuyLine has multiple filters that allow you to look for guys based on their age, height, location, and even complexion. You can select who you want to chat with and GuyLine will give its new users 60 minutes free.

GuyLine is an all male chatline. Call this chatline if you are looking for other cute guys. Freely explore your sexual desires with one of the best gay chatlines available. Read more

Free Trial: 30 Minutes

The System lets you chat with hot guys you’ve only dreamed about connecting with! It’s motto is “Anything but Straight”. If that appeals to you, then this local gay chat is right up your alley. The System comes with a free chat for first time callers as well as a free 60 minute trial. Enjoy free gay phone chat without the pressure of having to pay the first time you use it. You will have restricted access to the chatlines during your free trial but can record your own greeting and browse other gay men’s greetings too. Get access for 24 hours for $5, 3 days for $12.50, and 7 days for $25. Read more

Free Trial: 7 Days

Hungline is great way to meet hung guys in your area. Chat with guys who live in your city or in the area anytime! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll want to come back and use it again. Get a 60 minute free trial with Hungline and chat to gays near you. Hungline will have rates up soon. Read more

Free Trial: 60 Minutes
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The Free Chatline Visit Site

Always 100% Free

Megamates offers unlimited gay chat for a flat fee.Read more

Free Trial: Some Free Features

Interactive Male is one of the hottest chatlines for gay, bi, and curious men. Talk to real guys anonymously on confidential lines. Engage in uncensored chat and choose to talk locally or nationally. This site offers free gay phone chat for the first sixty minutes with no credit card required and is one of the most popular gay chat lines out there!

Hook up and Get Off On The Hottest Gay Phone Lines In North America. Interactive Male is the hottest place for gay men’s chat in North America. Call now and hook up with straight, gay and bi-curious guys in your city for gay phone chat and hot local hookups. Read more

Free Trial: 30 Minutes

Whether you are looking for friendship, a casual relationship or quick hookup, PrideLine is a great way to meet like minded gay men. It’s easy. To get started simply call the toll free number, record your personal greeting, listen to other greetings and chat live. Just call, cruise and connect. Read more

Free Trial: 30 Minutes

The Manhole is a free gay chatline designed for gay men to have a good time! You can talk to sexy singles in your area, laugh, and make connections. You can also listen in on stories or record your own and get bonus minutes on your membership if the system operator finds your story hot. Find your next hook up or maybe just your best friend using The Manhole! Manhole will be up soon so check in for more about their packages! Read more

Free Trial: Free

Calling these gay chatlines is a great alternative to traditional online dating. These gay party lines offer a fun, interactive way to meet other gay guys in a safe and discreet environment. Connect and get intimate with hot gay and bi guys directly from your phone. Hundreds of gay guys are on the line right now.

So which gay phone chat line is right for you? Don’t forget to comment below letting us know which chatline you like most.

  • Sam Bentacourt

    I think it’s funny the brand names that gay chatlines come up with: hardline, prideline, hungline.. I guess the gay gays dont care about cliches when it comes to phone chat.

    • chatlineguide

      What about “The Manhole” party line? That’s pretty creative too.

      • Richard

        No that’s beyond crude – far from creative.

  • David Saba

    How come there are so many gay chat lines and only one lesbian one?

  • chatlineguide

    Thanks to a suggestions from one our readers, I’ve just added a few more party lines including the Manhole, Beeper Love and GayLive Line. Hope you enjoy them. If there’s any other gay chatlines that I’ve missed, please let me know and I will add the to this list. I think we’ve covered most of the ones with an online presence. I’m looking for more obscure chat lines that only advertise locally on the back of newspapers or magazines.

    • Carole Weatherford

      You might want to add all the “Blade” gay chatlines from

  • Jordan Scheck

    Fantastic. Thank you for this list. GuySpy and Hardline are by far the best gay chatlines.

  • Craig Sanders

    Thank to this website, I’ve met the most wonderful guy I could ever wish for. We are getting married next year. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource.

    • chatlineguide

      Congratulations Craig! We are always happy to hear success stories. Can you let everyone know through which chatline did you meet your new boyfriend?

      • Craig Sanders

        Sure. I met David the second time I called GuySpy Voice. I was actually still using my free trial when we connected. He sent me a live chat request and we spoke for about an hour. We then met at a gay club in Miami and we really hit if off.

  • Frank Cohen

    I’m gay and looking to chat and possibly meet with people in Los Angeles. PM me for my phone number.

    • Angelo Lopez

      I am in L.A. too. We should hook up. Im on Hardline and GuySpy. Which chatline are you usually on? You can find me on Grindr and Jack’d too.

  • Oliver Qosta

    So far, I like GuySpy the most! BTW. thank you for assembling this awesome list. Oliver.

  • James Alexander

    Is anyone here on a gay dating app? I use grindr but there is also jackd
    and hornet. They work similar to the chatlines on here but you can also
    see pictures and send texts.

    • Gordon Schaffer

      Hey James. My name is Gordon and I am on Grindr as well. To be honest, even though I love gay phone dating apps, I think chatlines are more effective for meeting dirty gay guys.

  • Chandler

    I just got off some pretty steamy gay phone conversation on guyspy.

  • Logan R

    If I had to choose one, I would say GuySpy all the way. There are more (gay) guys on GS than in all the other party lines combined.

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  • Sam antha

    Any transvestites in here? I am a queer guy looking for a dominant woman dresses as a man. Anyone want to experiment and have fun?

  • Choco56ll

    +16264096831 wanna drop a line or better just call me.The name is Jose and I like big clean cut muscular guys. I got a food fetish don’t know if those are real popular on the chatlines, so don’t be shy I won’t bite ;p or will I?

  • Jake Cohen

    These chatlines are not just for hooking up you know. A fee years ago I was confused and needed a friend to talk to. I was able to garner enough courage to come out of the closet to my parents thanks to the support I got from fellow gay guys I met on gay phone lines like these.

    • chatlineguide

      Hey Jake. It is admirable that you were able to use gay chatlines to improve your life in such a positive way. I would love to interview you as a follow up to one of our
      blog posts entitled “Alternative
      uses for chat lines”
      in which we discuss how people can use chatlines for positive change. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your story. I’m sure there are many guys who are going through a similar situation and could benefit from your perspective.

      • chatlineguide

        Jake’s interview is now live. His story is very inpiring. I hope you can read the interview and show your support for him (and thousands of other guys that are still inside the closet) by leaving an encouraging comment.

        Read it here:

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  • Eddie Taylor

    One of my best friends got aids after having intercourse with a guy he met on a gay chat line in 1998. We were just 19 when he contacted HIV, he then passed the disease on to who knows how many people! Please, if you are gay, be very careful who you sleep with and never have unprotected anal intercourse, especially if you are not circumcised. Keep in mind that cheap condoms are more likely to break when forced to enter a man’s dry anus instead of a woman’s self lubricating vagina.

  • Mike Preston

    I am a straight guy looking for a gay friend who can help me improve my life. Im trying to get organized, get in shape and replace my entire wardrobe. I’ve been neglecting my appearance for a while and now my self esteem is very low. My straight friends have no fashion sense at all, and women in the stores don’t really know how a man should dress and behave. I want a gay friend who will come with me to the mall and advice me. I have the budget to buy good clothes, so I am thinking of going to Bloomingdales, Saks, Gucci, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Prada, Armani, and any other stylish clothes store you might know about.

    • Randall Pausch

      You should try calling any of the gay chatlines listed above and use your greeting to describe what you wrote here. I am sure plenty of gay guys would love to go with you shopping. I know I would like to, but I dont know where you are located. I am in San Diego, CA. Where are you?

      • Mike Preston

        Good idea Randall. I’ll just do that. I was thinking I can just hire someone off the chatlines and offer to pay him by buying him some clothes. My only concern is that gays will report me to the moderators for not being gay. I got banned once for calling Lavender Line looking for lesbians. I am in Houston, TX by the way.

        • Jeff Stringer

 I am in Abilene TX if you still need help and ever come to this area I can help you out with understanding what’s best looking for your body type and also show you ways to buy online and be able to purchase twice as much wardrobe for same budget. Let me know if you still need assistance.
          My name is JD and my number is(325) 668-0525 text me if interested. I can send pics of multiple ways I dress depending on what’s going on with schedule

    • Pavel Alarcon

      Hey Mike, I am also in Houston! I will gladly take you shopping if you want! I’ve worked at the Men’s Fashion department for both Bloomingdales and Macy’s (so you know I know fashion). What’s your budget? PM me on Facebook if you are interested. I am gay but I wont bite, I promise! LOL

    • Xaavier

      Hows the transition going in becoming that better man?

  • Darren Roth

    I’d like to see more details for each gay chatline including the minutes included in each package and not just the phone numbers. Great site by the way!

  • Joey Lozada

    Call and talk to others on the NEW all LGBTQ Chat line at 509-876-5550

  • Tyler H

    Hi. My name is Tyler. I am a 32 year old and I just came out of the closet. Yay! I am looking forward to meeting other gay guys on these chat lines. I really need friends who I can relate to and who can show me all the gay hot spots. I’m on GuySpy a few nights per week and on the weekends if dont go out. I live in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Angelo

    I’ve been very depressed since what happened in Pulse Orlando last week. I can’t believe it. I used to party there all the time! If anybody wants to talk, let me know.

  • robert blanchard

    712-432-5700 is the free access number for the free chat line. its free 24/7 with no trial periods. men women gay straight are welcomed

  • Corey Draper

    My name is Corey Draper.
    I am recently openly gay.
    I am very shy but such a loving guy.
    I know gays have it tough nowadays i just hope there is someone who can talk to me and help me appreciate my self a little better.
    Text me or call me. I will deny my sexuality at first but once im comfortable with you i will open up.
    [phone number deleted] text or call anyday from 7am-1am the next day thanks.
    Please dont call any other time as i do have a wife who does not know im gay

  • rick

    Hey my name is Rick I live in elizabethtown, love to [explicit], call me right now if you are clean at [phone number deleted] right now, I’ll be waiting.

  • A

    Mi nombre es Arturo y tengo miedo de llamar a estos números. Creo que podría ser gay .. me llaman. [phone number deleted]

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  • Rob K. Usher

    RedHot now lets you chat with guys? I remember I used to call Redhot to and go into the women’s side of the system just to talk to guys. I would eventually get kicked off by the moderators. We’ve come a long way.

  • Jaime A.

    Hey guys. I am so tired of free trials expiring when I am in the middle of a conversation. I think I will subscribe to a chatline, I just not sure which one. Which gay chatline would you say is the best?

  • Daniel

    My name is Daniel and I come from a very orthodox Jewish family. My
    father is the chief Rabbi in the largest synagogue here. I’ve been
    sneaking around to call these lines because it is the only way I have to
    interact with other gay guys (I live in a very close minded community).
    Yes. I confess I called each and every one of the chatlines on this
    page. I’ve made up my mind and I will finally come out of the closet
    tonight. I want to thank everyone who I spoke with on the chatlines for inspiring me and for encouraging me to stand up to my dad. Wish me luck!