Top Naughty Chatline Numbers

If you like flirting, teasing and expressing your wild side, you are going to love these phone sex lines. Unlike traditional chat lines in which the moderator’s job is to keep the line clean, everything goes these hot and naughty lines. Erotic, dirty and sexual chat is expected. Beware, other callers can still report you if you are too aggressive or abusive, however, the standards here are way more relaxed.

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Masturline was designed as an alternative for phone sex services. The idea behind it is that both guys and girls who are bored and horny can call to connect and fulfill each others’ desires. Masturline is better than a phone sex line because the conversation on this chatline is real, and not a well rehearsed script played by an ugly PSO. Visit Site

Free Trial: 5 Minutes
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Talk121 is back and better than ever.Visit Site

Free Trial: 10 Minutes

Looking for some action? Want to go wild? Choose from 100s of sexy real women and men right now on RedHot Dateline. Hook up on the phone—or for real—with the hottest singles in your area. Just call 1 (844) 903 1829 and record your greeting. Don’t be shy. This is the place to share your wildest fantasies. Then listen to other RedHot callers live on the line. Hear someone you like? Send a message, hook up for hot phone chat—or more! Visit Site

Free Trial: 30 Minutes
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AffairHUB started as an affair dating website. In 2015 they launched AffairHub Live, which expanded their service offerings from purely online to phone. Many members on AffairHub are regular callers of AffairHub Live. It is not required to be registered on the dating site to use the chatline; anybody can call. Visit Site

Free Trial: 60 Minutes
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The System


The System is the anything but straight chat line.Visit Site

Free Trial: 7 Days

Don’t call mindfuck if you are not a freak. Mindfuck is the ultimate hardcore phone sex line.


Phone Chat should be fun, that the premise under which FunChat was created. Call FunChat for straight, raw and uncensored dirty talk.

Free Trial: 10 Minutes

Cheap Thrills is one of the oldest and most established straight phone sex lines in North America


The Phone Sex Hub is the place to enjoy real phone sex action from top beauties who are excellent at satisfying a wide variety of fetishes with genuine enthusiasm.

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TalkToMe is a phone and video phone sex platform

Visit Site
Free Trial: $10 Dollars

Forget the small talk. Meet hundreds of locals ready to go right into the action by calling CheatChat discreet phone encounters.

Free Trial: 5 Minutes
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Niteflirt is a video phone sex platform

Free Trial: 3 Minutes

Adam & Eve Hot Chat

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Adam & Eve Hot Chat


The Free Chatline

100% FREE

The Free Chatline Visit Site

Always 100% Free

Local Hot Chat

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Local Hot Chat callers are real people, NOT paid professionals. Make new friends, flirt a little, or find a date for the weekend. Maybe you just want to share your wildest fantasies? Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it on Local Hot Chat. And remember guys, women always call for free so expect a lot of action! Visit Site

Free Trial: 10 Minutes

Nightline Chat allows adults to chat erotically via phone or mobile app.Visit Site

Free Trial: 60 Minutes

How Do We Come Up With This List?

We score each services based on the following:

Service Features: What unique functionality does the line offer? Some lines offer lip service only, while others consists of community chat, and online integration.

Operator Attitude: Are the phone sex operators friendly and are they eager to please?

Pricing: How much value is the caller getting for his money. Chat line pricing ranges from free and up to a few dollars per minute.

Call Volume: How many calls did the service get during the week. This also tells us how much a sex line operator is investing in marketing their service.

User Satisfaction: Customer feedback data from random post-call surveys and online feedback submission. What percentage of customers were repeat callers? (callers who called in the last 90 days). Media coverage and/or third party website reviews can also impact this score.

You may have noticed lines move positions from time to time. Thats because things can change fast in the phone sex industry, and as such, we are continuously reviewing each chatline and updating it’s scores for each category accordingly.

Real Phone Sex Chat That is Free To Try

Most of these naughty phone lines allow women to call absolutely free. If you are a guy, you can simply call any (or all) of the top phone sex chatlines to get a free trial. Each line has a different policy on the length of their free trials, so make sure to check below. There is no credit card required to claim a free trial, buy you must be calling from a new number. Once your free trial is over, you wont be able to claim another one for up to a year.

Since there are no paid actresses on some of these phone lines, the chatline companies can afford to let you test drive the system for free. They know there is a high possibility that you’ll meet someone hot and get hooked.

  • Sam Bentacourt

    I rather just pay for regular phone sex, its faster and easier. I can spend our trying convince girls to get naughty on a chatline and I usually end up humiliated or feeling like a creep. If you can’t afford phone sex, then yes, calling a free chatline can do the trick, just be prepared to be rejected a lot.

    • Raphael M

      Did you know that Masturline has both options. It’s what called an “hybird line”. It starts as a regular chatline but gives you the option to talk to a dedicated phone sex worker at any time. You can first try to talk to some girls on the chatline side and if you are not having any luck change to the phone sex side and get off that way.

      • X


  • David Saba

    I think the FTC should tax phone sex lines and naughty chatlines like the ones here. It only makes sense, it should be similar to how states impose special taxes on alcohol, gambling and cigarettes.

    • chatlineguide

      Interesting point of view. The phone chat bureau actively lobbies against this idea, claiming that chat lines are a dating service, just like dating website. Regardless of what happens in the private conversations (and we all know what goes on there) they do moderate the public messages for explicitness and obscenity, so they do have a point. Officials have also tried to tax straight phone sex lines, but again, the lobbyists defend this by claiming phone sex lines are just an entertainment service, and has nothing to do with actual sex nor prostitution.

  • Godoy

    After being rejected so many times by all kind of women, some of you might get the idea that you can’t have success on a chat line. I can attest that there are real girls looking for real nasty phone sex on live on these lines. Sometimes these girls are so horny, they will initiate the dirty talk themselves.

    All it takes is knowing how to record your greeting; from what you say to how you say it, the message needs to be flawless. Instead of trying to sound sexy, try to sound intelligent. Women find brains sexy, leave the moaning to them. Then I just send as many messages to as many women as I possible can. I don’t care if they are local or all across the country (I am not looking to date them, just have phone sex with them). Invariably I always get someone to agree to a private connection.

    Having a paid membership also helps a lot since girls get to hear your message right away. It takes them a couple minutes if you are using a free trial as other members get priority (either because they are paying or because they are geographically closer).

    If you don’t believe you can have free phone sex, try my method any weekday at a about midnight. If you are not successful at first don’t give up. Sharpen your message and keep practicing.

    Having phone sex on a chat line is very easy for me since I mastered how to seduce any women with my voice and my words. Don’t be too nice and don’t beg for her acceptance. If you are not an Alpha, at least make it look like you are one; theta can’t physycally See you so it’s easy to pretend. Even if you are short and ugly, you can appear tall, strong, prominent and most importantly — smart.

    • Nelson

      I tried your recommendations here and I was able to get a girl to agree to my connection request on RedHot. My problem was initiating the phone sex once she was with me on the line. I just didnt know what to say, I got very anxious and when that happens my mind goes blank and I run out of words. After too many awkward silences, she told me I was a boring and I that I sounded like a scared little boy. She basically destroyed my self-esteem. How can you ignore rejection without it affecting you and where do you find the to courage to initiate phone sex confidently even if she doesn’t give you a cue?

  • Ray

    Anyone knows of any other free phone sex lines?

    • Giorgio Spinnelli

      Try calling the regular chatlines. Altough they are not specifically meant for it, I’ve had tons of phone sex with girls on Livelinks, Questchat, Fonochat, Vibeline, etc. Just keep your greeting PG-13; otherwise if it’s too explicit it won’t pass the initial moderator review.

      Livelinks: 1-888-770-1194
      QuestChat: 1-866-736-4100
      Fonochat: 1-855-667-7100
      Vibeline: 1-855-993-0253
      ChatlineUSA: 1-800-417-9447
      RodeoChat: 1-800-436-7825
      VoiceRoulette: 1-800-678-9388

      Once you are communicating with girls on the live connector, don’t be too aggressive at first or some of the stiffs might report you and get you banned. Instead, take interest in her and make her feel comfortable. Then gauge her interest by asking thinks like “what are you doing”, “what are you looking for”, etc.. If you play your cards right, most of the time, innocent conversation will end up in phone sex.

    • Will Wax

      Have you tried any of the Talkee lines?

  • chatlineguide

    To be honest, it wasn’t easy for me at first to get girls to talk dirty to me. But when it does happen, having phone sex with a real woman is much more exciting than talking to a random PSO.

  • Richard L

    It really wasn’t easy for me at first to get girls to talk dirty to me. When it did happen I realized having phone sex with a real woman is much more exciting than talking to a random phone sex operator.

  • Vic Z

    The girls on these chat lines are really naughty!

    • TomP

      Yeah dude, chat lines are where nymphos congregate

  • Cheryl

    I am looking to work as a phone sex operator on one of your lines? Do you have any openings available for a PSO with no experience?

    • chatlineguide

      Hi Cheryl. We don’t own these lines ourselves; we only review and recommend those that we think are worthy of our readers attention. However, we do know of a few phone sex companies that are employing phone sex talent. I will come up with a list and post it here soon. For now, here are some reputable companies you can try. Telemainia, Niteflirt, Talktome,,

    • tom

      Hi Cheryl I am looking for girls to join my team of operators I would like to chat to you my number is 07432620028 give me a call if you are interested

  • Mary

    I have an embarrassing confession to make. Since about the summer of last year I’ve been calling phone chat lines (some of them in this list) almost every night so I can talk to guys to help me get off. I now can’t get off alone by myself. Am I addicted to phone sex?

    • Vivian

      Hi Mary. I don’t think you are addicted to phone sex; you only need a little more stimulation than the average girl to get there. As long as the phone sex is not interfering with your life.

      • Mary

        My problem is that I come from a Catholic background and although I am not very religious, deep down I feel guilt every time I finish. Then the next night I feel aroused again and cant help but calling one of these lines anyway. I think I might have low self esteem.

        • Jacob

          Nothing is wrong , your expressing your desire

          I myself occasionally call them…maybe I’ll hear u one day(:

        • tom

          Hi Mary my number is 07432620028 call me if you want to have a bit of fun my name is Tom

        • Gagz

          I can help you sweetie call me 9513928188

        • Vivian

          But does it actually interfere with your day-to-day life?

          • Mary

            Thinking about sex all day does interfere with my daily life. It’s like having an itch I constantly have to scratch; it interrupts me all the time! Sometimes I can’t concentrate at work because I’m feeling so horny I just keep staring at my watch, waiting until the time I can get off (pun intended).

          • Bernard Robinson

            Damn I bet I Cn help u out hmu on Facebook ok my name is bernard Robinson r send me sumthang @ gmail it’s [email protected] ok

          • Pedro Millan

            Hmu baby

      • Kenny Denny

        Not addicted

    • Walt

      I know. It.s so boring getting off by myself. I love getting off with a really dirty stranger on the phone almost as much as I like having sex. Ha, getting hard just thinking about it now.

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    • Kenny Denny

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      • Skyler

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  • Jessica

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  • Raymond Wels

    Really, you can have free sex chat on any chatline and not just the “naughty ones”

    • John R

      Just don’t call a tech support chatline and try talking dirty to the guy! LOL

      • Raymond Wels

        That would be funny man! Don’t call a crisis chatline either, although come to think about it — maybe having phone sex could actually cure depression.

    • Eli G

      You will probably get kicked out if you start soliciting sex chat on livelinks or any other non-adult chat line.

  • Sebastian

    I love it. Give me more!

  • VickyZ

    Can anybody tell me if there are any phone sex services for straight females that are answered by male operators?

    • Xavier Shaw

      I dont think there are any lines specifically for females to have phone sex with male PSOs. If you are a girl and you want to pay for phone sex with male PSOs you will need to call a gay phone sex line. What I don’t understand is why would you want to pay for phone sex? Being a woman, you should have no trouble at all finding guys to sex chat with you on any of these party lines. You see, women are the object of desire; I can almost assure you that if you just call a random phone number at night and express your intentions, you wont be rejected. It would be an interesting experiment, wouldn’t it?

  • Just Katie

    Any hot guy here wants to sex chat with me? My name is Katie. I am 22 years old, have black hair, 5’6” tall and weight 135 pounds. I have a very high sex drive. I am looking for someone who likes to role play, is funny, uninhibited, and who will play along with my fantasies no matter how crazy.

    • David Shea

      Love exploring the depths of your sexual desires. No judgments, anything goes within the confines of the fantasy. 7743053772 dave

    • John

      Hey I’m lookin for the same n I would love to talk to u

    • G

      Yes, 469-338-3129, single, 35w Man

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    • Just Katie

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  • Oswald

    Pardon my ignorance, I’m not so young anymore. I just got my first iPhone and was wondering why there isn’t a phone sex service where I can get to see the girl using Facetime? I’ve been calling the same type of lines since the 1970s. Shouldn’t phone sex evolve with technology.

    • Johan S

      Although what you describe is a good idea, it is probably one that many others before you have already though about. I guess the main problem is not the technology or implementation, but the fact that Apple won’t accept such explicit apps on their App Store.

  • ShayCombs1870

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  • Malika Asif

    Having phone sex with anyone except your wife or husband is a great sin which is comparable to adultery which is punishable by death. Repent and start praying instead before it is too late!

    Assalamu Alaikum

    • Travis Thompson

      Hey Malika,

      Having phone sex and masturbating might be prohibited by your religion, but guess what ? It is encouraged in mine! So stop imposing your crazy religious nonsense on other people who are actually allowed to enjoy their lives.

      • Judith P

        And what religion would that be that allows phone sex and masturbation?

        • Travis Thompson

          I am an Unitarian Universalist. My religion allows me to discover my own spiritual path. It encourages me to experiences life to the fullest instead of limiting me with prohibitions. I can have phone sex and f*ck whoever the hell I want as long as I am not hurting anyone.

    • Alexa

      You are in the wrong site honey. People here don’t see phone sex as something that is wrong and certainly not something punishable by death. Maybe there would be less suffering in the world if Islamic radicals could release some steam on the phone once in a while instead of blowing up infidels all over. I don’t agree with you or your religion.

    • chatlineguide

      Malika, I though your comment was interesting and so I did some research and wrote a post explaining how and when having phone sex is permissible in Islam and when it is not. I learned a lot and I think my readers will appreciate it too.

    • pd

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  • Henry M

    I am looking for cheap phone sex services. Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • Sarah highland

      I’ll do it for free

      • Adam

        Hi Sarah I’d love to have phone sex with you

  • Scott Doyle

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  • Robin

    Me and my husband are looking at the chatlines to test driv . Its both of us on this en . Is there one anybody can recommend?

    • Creampie Eatin

      Text me 406-356-6952 I’d love to have phone with a couple

    • chatlineguide

      You should try any of the big ones: Livelinks, RedHot, Vibeline, Fonochat and Quest. Just make sure to call at night when most callers are online. Although the peak hours do vary per city (mostly due to cultural differences), it usually starts at about 9:00 PM and ends around 2:00 AM.

  • Joey Lozada

    Call, flirt or meet on Intimate Encounters! 617-861-0999.
    Gay/bi/dl call 509-876-5544

  • Joey Lozada

    Looking for HOT and so naughty phone chat? Call Intimate Encounters at 617-861-0999. If you are gay/bi or dl call 509-876-5544

  • Danny

    Can anyone here tell me if there is such a thing as a phone sex chat service for deaf mute people?

    • Andres C

      I don’t think there are any phone sex hotlines specifically for deaf/mute people. In any case, I would imagine most deaf/mute people are visiting sex cam sites where they can use their keyboards to communicate with the model.

    • Ivonne

      Highly unlikely; there’s just not a large enough audience looking for deaf phone sex to justify the cost of running such a service. However, I’m sure if they wanted to, deaf people could still use their TTY devices or some kind of video relay service to communicate with a phone sex operator.

      • chatlineguide

        Funny that you mention it. I just posted a short scene from the movie “The Little Death” in which a deaf guy calls a video relay service and asks the the poor sign language interpreter to call a phone sex line. It’s hilarious!

  • rimza

    I like a lesbian girlfriend to message me im a girl im rimza im 22 years i need a auntie for a relationship not fake boys please dont message me if your a boy . Im so horny i need a girlfriend i dont mine which age are you

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  • Monica

    Are these chatlines or phone sex lines? Are they the same thing or is there a difference?

    • Marvin Stewart

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  • Chanller

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  • Prince D

    Hey Richard. Yours is the only phonesex site that doesnt look like it was built in 1994. For some reason, every other phonesex site is plagued with way too many horrible flashing banners. Sex chat line owners are horrible webmasters dont you think?

  • traloha

    Hey could someone help me find or point me in the right direction to
    a female seeking female naughty sex chat line to help me get off. I like role playing, especially incest between females. Just to have a little naughty fun. Just a fantasy i like revisiting. Thanks for any help.

    • chatlineguide

      You might want to try calling a lesbian chatline such as LavenderLine or TheSystem. You can find their access numbers here. Your other option is to call any of the mainstream dating chatlines and press ‘2’ to indicate you are a male looking a female, this way you will be connected to females in your area instead of guys.

    • Sarah highland

      That description fits me if you are interested

  • Kevin Rosen

    Why would anyone still want to call a phone sex hotline nowadays that there are sex cam sites with thousands of girls broadcasting live and who you can not only hear, but also see and interact with?

    • Ana Ch.

      The experience you get with phone sex is way more personal than what you get on a cam site. Phone sex is always one-on-one. On the other hand, there are usually hundreds or even thousands of other dudes interacting with just one girl in a cam site (although just a few usually tip them and the others are ).

    • Ana Ch.

      Girls who answer phones are usually well educated and are able to hold an intelligent conversation for hours. Girls who broadcast themselves on cam are usually shameless skanks who cant get a decent job.

  • Adrian

    Sorry for my ignorance, but can anyone tell me what does PSO stand for?

    • chatlineguide

      PSO can mean a lot of things, but in the context of phone chat lines, PSO is an acronym for “Phone Sex Operator”. Im actually glad you asked, Im sure many people have the same question and I sometimes use this term indiscriminately in this blog without caring to explain. You may also find this glossary of chatline related terms useful in case you don’t understand anything else.

    • Gaby

      PSO stands for Potential Significant Other

    • Migdalia

      I think it stands for Phone Sex Operator which — depending on context — can mean either the company that operates the sex lines or the women who answer the calls.

  • Brittish

    Hello ladies this is a very attractive African American mature female I am a dominatrix but I am also very salmon and I am looking for a very submissive female that is serious about being submissive to me please get back with me of course serious

    • Shana

      I am a submissive but I do have standards. Can you post a picture?

    • chatlineguide

      You might have more responses by posting this comment on the lesbian chatline page and providing a way for people to contact you such as your skype or kik account.

  • Victor

    I had phone sex and I got hearing aids! LOL

    • Jason

      I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

    • Karen L

      Hey Victor. If we have phone sex, does that mean I will loose my virginity? I’ve been saving myself for marriage.

    • Axel

      At least you got some. My blonde girlfriend refused to have phone sex with me because the condom wouldn’t fit over the phone.

  • Ron P

    Hi Richard, I love your site. You’ve done a great job of categorizing and presenting all the phone dating chatlines.

    I run a small phone and video sex chat business out of Houston, TX and would love to advertise my services on your website. Would you be interested in having us sponsor a chatline category? if yes, how can we get in touch with you?

    • chatlineguide

      Visit this page for all advertising inquiries. The chatline guide participates in Google’s Adsense program so you may also be able to target our website though google adwords display ad platform.

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    • Jenna

      LOL. You made my day! I am a PSO and I think I will start using that joke with my clients from now on. Very funny and appropriate in this kind of context.

  • Alicia

    I just logged in into my vonage account and I saw a number I did not recognize on the phone call history. I googled the number and the first result let me to this page. I see this number pop up on our statement every time I go away on a business trip. I think my husband is calling a phone sex line when I’m not around 🙁 Henry, If you are reading this, I know you are cheating on me.

    • Fred

      Don’t jump to conclusions. If he is in fact calling a phone sex line, maybe there is something lacking in your marriage. Instead of humiliating him, you should have a serious talk without blaming or attacking him. Also, phone chat is NOT cheating.

  • Lover Boy Keith

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  • QPex Straws

    I usually call one of a few independent phone sex girls I already know and love, the only problem is sometimes they get too busy since they are working alone. I will give these lines a try tonight; hopefully they are as well versed as my girls Cheryl, Lucy and Julene 😉

    • Moses

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  • Melody

    Any hot guy here wants to sex chat with me? My name is Melody . I am 20 years old, have blond hair, 5’6” tall and weight 133 pounds. I have a very high sex drive. I am looking for someone who likes to role play, isfunny, uninhibited, and who will play along with my fantasies no matter how crazy.

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