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Men and Women Phone Dating Culture

The Culture of Dating: Women think differently from Men!

According to an elite relationship psychologist at Berkeley International, men are from Mars while women are from Venus. And especially in dating, this stands true.

When questions like what they look for in their partner or their feelings about dating arise, it’s apparent that the two genders think differently. Here are some of the ways they think and act differently in dating and some dating takeaways.

1. Naturally, Women Overanalyze

Most women are likely to overanalyze the slightest remark their date makes. They will critically assess the tone on the other end, the time it takes to reply to a message, or even how he says goodbye before switching off.

Men, on the other hand, may not be as critical. Psychologists advise calling or picking a call instead of texting back and forth; a phone call always has more clarity.

2. Women tell how the Date Went

A lady can’t wait to tell her close circle of friends about how the date went. They will go into the details and maybe spare only a few private ones. Men are likely to remember brief moments in the date, and they probably tell the briefs after the date.

If the date goes as well as the girls expected, she is likely to show off. But if it all goes wrong, they will likely seek validation as him being the issue and not her. It’s no doubt that men like to show off a beautiful date, but not many are willing to share their intimate details with their friends.

3. She Wants the Man to Take the Lead

While most women want equality in a relationship, they secretly wish the man is assertive, speak boldly, and lead the way. To avoid disappointment, relationship experts advise men to be sure of the type of woman they are after.

Does she like chilling at the bar, pub, or some laid back place such as a cocktail bar? Knowing all this before the date will make it easier to suggest the perfect location to impress your date.

4. Women Always Want a Second Date

That’s if the date evening goes well. As women are more anxious during the date than men, it’s more reasonable that the man should be the one to suggest a second date right after the first. If the guy delays or fails to do it entirely, the lady might conclude that he didn’t like her and switch off emotionally.

The man usually tries to play it cool, trying not to appear too eager to plan for a second date so soon.

The culture of online dating has its downsides too.

First, it makes you picky and judgmental. The Association for Psychological Science reports that reviewing multiple candidates can make you inclined to accept the “perfect candidate” while dismissing the “not-quite-perfect candidates.”

And thanks to social media, there are many misconceptions about how a perfect man or woman should look, wear, or talk. Even before a face-to-face meeting, some men and women looking for potential matches may already have a preconceived bias.

Some Relationships Last, Some Don’t

At least 5% of Americans in a marriage or committed relationship are happy they met online. That’s optimistic, considering most relationships start by meeting in person.

Research by Michigan State University shows relationships that start online are 28% more likely to go south than personal encounters. Even worse, the former are three times more likely to divorce than the latter.

However, if you’re new to the world of online dating and phone chat lines, it’s best to cross your fingers and stay positive.

Tips to Make the Most out of Your Dating Experience

A few subtleties can help you have the ultimate experience while dating online. These are just a few.

Choose a Reliable Service

To get the best experience, the chat line of your choice needs to cover a large geographical area, have a lot of users, and an encrypted connection for secure payments. Some of the best chat lines are Livelinks and Quest Chat.

Show Off on Your Profile

People are attracted to energy, and your potential match will look out for your sense of fashion or sense of humor.

Be Open-minded

Just because you don’t have mutual hobbies or your match is not in the career you prefer, it’s not a reason to dismiss them yet. You might discover that you like their personality after a few interactions.

It’s the Simple Things that make Your Relationship Work.

When it comes to a relationship, you will both have to do some things the old-fashioned way. Harry Reis, Ph.D. and Dean’s Professor in Arts, Sciences and Eng., University of Rochester, insists that there’s much about a person that you can’t learn from a dating site profile.

You need to enjoy each other’s company, make each other laugh, communicate, and most importantly, feel like a better person while in the company of your date.

Reis notes that when these simple principles are incorporated, they are better predictors of relationship success.

Woman using smartphone while sitting on the toilet

People Check Their Smartphones During the Most Bizarre Situations

It has become almost impossible to find a public place where someone is not checking his or her smartphone. This shows how people are becoming more and more dependent on smartphones. What’s even more surprising is that use of smartphones has even become a regular part of private moments. According to a recently conducted survey, people have started using these mobile devices in some of the most bizarre situations. The data collected during the survey suggest that a large number of people feel the need of checking their smartphones when having sex, inside the toilet, and at times even when a funeral is underway.

Female snapping selfie during funeral proceedings

The said survey was conducted by iPass, an eminent mobile connectivity company. The survey had over 1,700 participants from Europe and the United States, each of whom had to answer a series of questions pertaining to their connectivity expectations, preferences, and habits. The data obtained showed that people have become excessively reliant on smartphones, particularly Wi-Fi. This dependence has become so intense that users have started breaking social etiquette for using these mobile devices.

Patria Hume, iPass’ chief commercial officer, stated that an individual can feel nervous before his/her first date or when making a major presentation, but these days people are becoming anxious just by thinking about a possibility that they might lose the Wi-Fi connection on their phone. This anxiousness is forcing them to forget social etiquette just for the sake of using smartphone.

The past few years have seen technology, especially smartphones, become an integral part of human lives. Today, there’s virtually no situation that can stop a person from looking at his or her phone. The survey by iPass revealed that as much as 7 percent of the participants check their mobile phones when having sex. Additionally, 72 percent and 11 percent respectively look at their phones in the toilet and when attending a funeral. What’s more, almost 65 percent of the participants stated that they become nervous if they are not connected to Wi-Fi. Many also admitted that they don’t hesitate to give up various activities and items just to have a connection.

Using Smartphone During Sex

Among the participants, as much as 61 percent said that they will not be able to live without Wi-Fi connection. Surprisingly, the percentage was higher than the percentage of people who said that they will not be able to live without junk food (42%), smoking (41%), sex (58%), drugs (31%), or alcohol (33%). Twenty-five percent of the respondents admitted that they will pick Wi-Fi connection over a shower or bath. On the other hand, as much as 19 percent were found to be ready to give up human contact for Wi-Fi.

Based on the information obtained during the survey, Ms. Hume stated that mobile professionals can’t live without Wi-Fi and think that it’s more difficult to give up Wi-Fi than other addictive habits like junk food or smoking.

Girl checking her phone while taking a shower

This is not the first time that a study has shown how people have started to give up the pleasure of real-life social interactions for spending time on their smartphones. The year 2013 saw Harris Interactive carry out a study on mobile consumer habits. It revealed that as much as 20 percent of individuals aged between 18 and 34 years look at their smartphone when having sex. What’s more, almost 75 percent of the people participating in the study informed that they always have their phones within a 5 feet distance.

Smartphones have also been found to be one of the major causes of inattention. A study conducted on more than 7,000 teenagers in China revealed a strong correlation between inattention and cell phone usage. The said study, which was carried out in 2014, also showed that restricting daily cell phone usage below an hour increased focus in children. Another study conducted in 2015 found that spending more time on phone can cause temporary inattentional deafness. This happens because users get severely distracted by a visual stimuli i.e. their phone and fail to hear any sound, loud or mild.

Distracted with Smart Phone While Driving

Let’s come back to the habit of checking phone when having sex. During a 2016 study, a group of university researchers tested the smartphone usage habit of 221 students. One in every ten of those students admitted that they are so dependent on their smartphone that they cannot prevent themselves from checking it even during sex.

Information collected during the study couldn’t specify how those students manage to look at their phone during those intimate moments. The participants didn’t reveal whether their partner knows that they check their social media accounts and enjoy sex simultaneously. It’s also not known whether the users give updates about their sex session on their social media pages. What’s more, no one even specified how long they check their smartphone for when having sex. However, the researchers clearly stated that users tend to look at their phone when having sex and not during their post-coital hug.

According to the study, on average humans spend almost a couple of hours on their smartphone every day. Like the iPass study, this one also suggests that people are becoming more and more unmindful of social etiquettes. This has been confirmed from the study’s findings which suggest that 95 percent of the people use their phones when attending social gatherings. The study even suggests that smartphone is making people less professional. It revealed that as much as 70 percent of people check their phones when working.

A group of friends ignoring each other and focusing on their smartphones instead

The study was headed by University of Virginia’s psychology research scientist Kostadin Kushlev. He was assisted by researchers from the University of British Columbia.

When speaking about the findings of the study, Kushlev stated that just around a decade back Steve Jobs said that smartphones would change the world and that’s what we are witnessing today. Smartphones have brought internet into our pockets; we can now get notifications about text messages, emails, social media posts and updates, news irrespective of our location. Kushlev and his team carried out the study to find out how the constant flow of information and notifications is influencing human minds.

Kushlev’s study also suggested that smartphones can be responsible for causing more serious hyperactivity and inattention, which happen to be signs of ADHD. The researchers believe that the best way of fighting these issues is by reducing phone usage. This can be done either by keeping the device switched off for a specific period of time or by turning notifications off.

Sexy Star Wars Nerd Parody

1-900-HOT-JEDI: Playboy’s Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Chat Line Parody

Who’s Your Daddy Luke?
Darth Vader

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there was a sexy Yoda willing to fulfill your every desire…

We found this hilarious phone sex line parody starring the classic Start Wars characters. The video mimics the format of vintage commercials advertising phone sex hotlines during late night programming.

Lonely Are You… Call Now You Will
Sexy Yoda

Interested callers are encouraged to call the number on the screen to role play with sexy version of star wars characters including Yoda, Princess Leiah, and Storm Troopers, even Darth Vader.

The Nerd Hotline: Phone Sex Line Parody Starring Paris Hilton and the Star Trek Cast

Sara Jean Underwood, was a very popular model and actress during that time, played a hilarious female Yoda. In one part of the video, she pretends to talk to a caller on the phone in which she says, “No, Jabba’s not here right now.” This line was clearly meant to entice viewers who had watched ‘Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi’, as in the beginning of the film, Jabba holds princess Leia captive in a manner that seemed to suggest she was her whore slave and princess Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher, was dressed in a particularly enticing manner that was memorable to all star wars fans. In another intriguing line from the video, Sara Jean Underwood says, “You want me to put my light saber where?” And of course, we all know where she meant.

You Want Me To Put My Light Saber Where?
Sexy Yoda

Related: The Gangster Party Line

While phone sex lines may be a thing of the past, we can only hope we get something similar in the future especially now that technology has advanced incredibly well since the release of this video. Who knows, we might actually get the chance to interact with all our favorite characters through virtual reality simulations in a few years’ time.

Friend consoling her friend

More Americans Calling Chatlines to Express Political Frustrations

  • Users report phone chatlines are being be used to by callers vent out anger and frustration over election results
  • Women and College Students among most prominent callers
  • Hispanics feeling some fear in regards to President Elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies
  • That there are still animosities between different presidential candidates’ supporters

Still shocked by the election results, chatline users and are resorting to phone chatlines to discuss their fears , angers and frustrations, about the social and political situation in the United States

Jessica Miller, a Penn State College Student and A Hillary supporter was one of the many protesters who took to the streets after President-Elect Donald Trump won the electorate vote. “I couldn’t believe it” – she says – “I literally can’t believe it even now.” The nineteen-year-old claims she found comfort after calling a chatline and finding so much support from like minded people across the country. “There is a community on the chatline helping each other cope with this trauma”. Jessica explained there are many out there that like her are fearful and frustrated just as she is, and their feelings can be felt right on their greeting messages.

After protesting the most she could during four days straight, she took her equality flag home and reportedly broke down in tears.

Jessica continues by saying that this year’s elections had a lot of pressure as the campaigns were vicious and the stakes were high.

She continues by stating the ripples can still be felt, and that she considers the “vicious campaign” far from over.

We asked a chatline operator to ask if they were aware of this phenomenon. Even though our source couldn’t comment on the nature of the conversations, he was able to confirm there is an discernible change in caller behavior and spending habits as well as an increased number of free female callers and an increase of overall call duration.

Phone chatlines report an increase in the number of calls and duration
their numbers have indeed increased and their business is booming thanks to the people who are finding solace in venting out with each other.

Millenials are Particularly Bothered:
The millennial generation is reported to be the one making the most amount of calls.

Vibeline and Livelinks are the services that are serving as a vehicle to express uncertainties and worries about their future.

Their distress can be felt in Ahmad Bhutani, a student that is pretty vocal as what is behind his concern:

“With Trump’s victory, all Muslims are in distress. He has branded us for deportation before the elections, and I fear what may happen to my family once he starts his immigration program going.”

Ahmad says he has been finding a lot of support on his experience with Vibeline, and that most people still can’t believe the elections ended in the way they did.

Hispanics and the Shadow of Trump’s Immigration Policies:

On our investigation, we also found that the conversation on Fonochat (a chatline targeted toward hispanics) is dominated by immigration related policies.

We called Fonochat and were matched with Roberto Morales, an illegal alien living in Chicago, IL. Roberto told us he was afraid of Trump’s immigration policies being too strict and that he fears for his family of five whose fate, he guarantees, was sealed by the election’s results.

He told us that the media had convinced him he was going to be deported to Mexico as soon as President Elect Trump was sworned into office.

Man States He Was Assaulted on New York City’s Subways for Being a Trump Supporter:
According to a report by FoxNews, twenty-four years old Corey Cataldo was assaulted on NYC’s subway when wearing a white hat with the popular campaign motto “Make America Great Again.”

Cataldo reported that he was approached by a man that asked him about the hat and if he was a Trump supporter. Cataldo, thinking he had found another Republican, answered with a yes. The man pinned him down and started assaulting Corey until another man decided to help him and separated both of them. The shocker was, that according to Cataldo nobody on the train station was inclined to help him until that one man came along.

It is now clear that some things have already started to change after this year’s elections, and among them, we can point out some of the facts:

One thing is for sure in the USA today, and that is the fact the elections’ results are still being felt throughout the country.

Rachel Hanlon Off The Hook

Exploring the Artistic Romance of the Age-Old Landline Telephone

Landline telephones were an indispensable part of our lives till the late nineties. Although its value has now been reduced to that of an obsolete object, at that point of time, it had an entirely different appeal. It was not merely an object back then, but rather an artifact that elevated our emotions and compelled us to contemplate and retrospect about our old selves.

But what is the value of a landline telephone now? What happens when a particular object, that was once indispensable for an entire generation, loses its purpose and value? Well, these are the questions and psychological probing that Rachel Hanlon explores in her ‘Call Me’ art series that has been exhibited in the Etch Gallery in Geelong, Australia. The ones who are old enough to recall the pop songs from the eighties will definitely happen to remember pop artist Blondie’s song ‘Call me’ as they view the works of Hanlon.

Rachel Hanlon is a budding artist, exploring the field of media archeology. Through her works, she delves into the intricacies of the true relevance of a landline telephone in the modern society, while reflecting on her personal attachment with the telephone. The ‘Call Me’ art series is replete with metaphors and multi layered symbolism that reinterprets the obsolete technologies that have been intensified by our cultural dependence on them. The relevance of a telephone and its relationship with the changing times, rituals and culture, cements its value as an object that once reflected our cultural voice.

One of the most remarkable works from the series, ‘Off the Hook‘ is a beautiful installation of bright and resplendent handles that are modeled on the classic shape of the outdated telephone. Viewers can pick up the handsets and listen to the several messages recorded by anonymous people on Rachel’s answering machine. These messages range between stunning recitals, narrations of dreams, snippets of childhood, quotes from movies and contemplations over the true meaning of life. The messages play on a low volume and it appears as if the phones have been kept ‘off the hook’. The work was prompted when Rachel could not understand why she couldn’t renounce her age-old landline telephone, even though it did not have any useful role in her life.

Hanging Telephones

In another similar work, viewers can observe old and classic landline handles from the private collection of the artist that has been arranged on the plinths of the gallery walls. In this installation, Rachel explores the transformation of a useful object into an obsolete item.

“Can someone get that” is the final work from the ‘Call me’ series where three obsolete landline handles have been set on a vintage telephone table. This installation pinpointed that space of our homes that was specifically set aside for attending phone. It was a space that was aloof from the problems and possibilities of the mundane domestic life. As the phones rung, we used to feel compelled to answer them. Here, Rachel has incorporated several phone conversations from movies that have been transcribed, voiced and finally revamped to come up with a new narrative. A video projection of these telephone tables further highlights the mode of narration and the varied conventions that were associated with the old landline handle. It also reflects on the repetitive nature of dialing with the help of the rotary dial.

By rendering an experience with which the viewer can once again connect and interact with the re-animated, originally in-animate object, these series of artwork aim to rekindle a range of emotions within the viewer, affirming of the existing relationship between the passage of time and the appeal of the concerned object. The re-animation in this existing work will also reflect on a re-interpretation of the varying cultural perspectives by closely observing the passage of time, our transforming selves and the changing rituals.

The exhibition will amuse anyone who has been enchanted by the classic romance of the age-old telephone handle. It is also bound to rekindle a plethora of memories and emotions about the old landline telephone. Communication technology is an inherent part of our changing culture. With the rapid transformation of this technology, this exhibition pays a tribute to every such technology that is now obsolete but also considered as the archive’s function. And, as rightly stated at, ‘For those who like to dig a little deeper, there are many layers to explore in this carefully considered work.’

Artists With Phones

Top 20 Songs Inspired by Phones

Kiss and Not Tell” by La Roux

Reminding us, to an upbeat calypso rhythm, that discretion is the better part of valor, La Roux’s Kiss and Not Tell recognizes that we will put up with a lot for love even when we know that the relationship’s shelf life is destined to expire once the kissing ends and the hassles begin.

Hotline Bling by Drake

Drake’s 2015 Hotline Bling makes the point that if you move away, you can expect that those you leave behind are going to continue with their lives. In this five-minute long musical bitch fest, the singer complains that their former love interest never calls anymore on his cell phone while completely ignoring the role his leaving took on continued conversation.

Hello by Adele

The opening of Adele’s 2015 hit, Hello, is perhaps more evocative of the Verizon gut’s “Can you here me know” survey as she battles to secure a valid connection with her ex in a world of crappy cell phone coverage. Her lyrical mea culpa attempts to explain why she devastated an ex-boyfriend’s heart.

Payphone by Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa

Nothing says love like braving an armed robbery, grand theft auto, and eluding a police chase for the chance to reconnect for the briefest of moment with the one you love via a payphone in the middle of nowhere. Maroon 5 feat Wiz Khalifa brings it all together in the 2012 hit Payphone.

Telephone by Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé

Thelma and Louise have nothing on these two ladies, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, who tear up the telephone wires as they berate the pathetic attempts of life’s wall flowers who begin blowing up the phone right when the ladies begin to burn down the house in 2012s smash hit, Telephone.

Car Phone by Julian Smith

Julian Smith’s 2014 Car Phone celebrates the affluence afforded by driving around with a car phone the size of small compact car. With calls costing $2 a minute, the pride is evident as the video’s protagonist makes plans with similarly outfitted friends to meet up for doughnuts and coffee.

Video Phone by Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga

Voyeurism is on full display as Bey encourages her bae to use his phone’s video function to enjoy her sexy provocative clips, which demonstrate the true value of affordable bandwidth. Unafraid and unbowed by the potential embarrassment if the clips go public, Beyonce’s ultimate self-confidence is on display regardless of who might catch a glimpse of her cavorting on his Video Phone.

Hung Up by Madonna

The 1980s Material Girl is still burning up the song charts and the telephone lines in her 2005 smash hit, Hung Up. Through the first half of the video, the Queen of Pop laments her inability to make a connection that has her fumbling about Like a Virgin before she remembers the essential power she holds in this particular relationship.

The Call by Backstreet Boys

Like accidentally sending dirty, adult-like pictures to your entire call list, in The Call, the gentlemen from the Backstreet Boys reveal their cheating hand in a video that illustrates the perils of bad cell connections and drained batteries. When later in the video it is revealed that the caller is a cheating cad, the audience is treated to a musical interlude that is wracked with guilt and betrayal.

Text Me by R. Kelly

Typing “one-handed” is the implied action for the parties involved in R. Kelly’s 2009 song, Text Me. Like phone sex with emoticons, Text Me is the opening salvo in an interaction that will ideally end with a sharing of bodily fluids as he explains, “Sexts are simply the aperitif to the call.”

Text Me in the Morning by Neon Trees

The communication equivalent of the morning after “walk of Shame,” the song writers of Neon Trees beg you to forego the raunchy give-and-take of next morning, post coital explicit texts for a simple message that suggest that their well being is far superior to reliving the sweat filled exploits of the night before.

Star 69 by R.E.M.

Star 69 is not designed to award the numerical sexual positioning of that certain someone-someone, but rather a throwback to the days prior to the advent of caller ID technology wh3n all one needed to track down that pesky crank phone caller by tapping in *69 into your telephone keypad.

Call Me by Blondie

You will be tempted to drop what you have going on when you hear the plaintive demand to pick up the phone and Call Me when Debbie Harry of Blondie puts out the call for some companionship. Passions are inflamed in the heat of the moment when Blondie leaves little to the imagination regarding what she’s looking for on the dance floor of 1980.

867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone

Inspiring a generation of bathroom graffiti, Tommy Tutone made Jenny’s number, 867-5309, a national phenomenon as he croons his devotion to the girl with the most lyrical number in the country. His passion takes a turn towards the dark side however, when he gets all stalker-esque on poor Jenny and he admits he’s fashioned an obsession whereby he needs to possess her and make Jenny his property.

I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder

Forget late night booty calls or attempts to get jiggy with the one you want to love, Stevie Wonder pulls out all the romantic stops with this plaintive call designed to express his feel(s). Clearly, this guy has moves that even a blind man could see, which means if you are sitting next to him at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day that you expect that your meager romantic motions will pale by comparison.

Phone Sex Over The Phone by The Village People

Leave it to the Village People to identify the best place to have illicit phone sex and erotic play. Simply stated, Phone Sex Over the Phone is like a sexy blueprint of how to get down when you have miles in between you and that certain special person, and only the telephone lines can help carry on the torrid thoughts inside our heads.

Talk Dirty to Me by Poison

As they say, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,” and the big haired boys from Poison are letting their desires be known as they exhort those big haired girls from the 1980s to give them a call and Talk Dirty to Me. While the object of Brett Michaels sexual desire appears to be a high school student, we can all take comfort that, in the intervening years, such displays of child predation are no longer the social norm.

Love on the Telephone by Foreigner

Because the uncertainty of a relationships are not nearly hard enough to navigate as it is, the boys from Foreigner choose to add the additional burden of intervening miles and the problems of a long distance relationship. The band demonstrates the hazards of that particular hell when the only way you can love is Love on the Telephone.

Hanging on the Telephone by the Blondie

The rock-punk musical styling of Blondie are on full display as Debbie Harry croons out this sultry tune, which forms the one-hit wonder of the short lived band, The Nerves, before being picked up and covered by Harry. Recognizing the limitations of a phone based relationship; Harry implores her long distance love interest to not leave her “Hanging on the Telephone.

Honorable Mentions

Chantilly Lace by Big Bopper (1958)

In 1958, the Big Bopper hoped that an exhortation to give him a call at Chantilly Lace would suffice to entice without revealing that the man did not have two nickels in his pocket. To the girl’s credit, she puts him on notice that a phone call was not going to cut it, and he had bet be prompt in picking her up, and her expectation was that he would also be picking up the check.

634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.) by Wilson Pickett

Party Line by the Kinks

Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition

Answering Machine by the Replacements