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Men and Women Phone Dating Culture

The Culture of Dating: Women think differently from Men!

According to an elite relationship psychologist at Berkeley International, men are from Mars while women are from Venus. And especially in dating, this stands true.

When questions like what they look for in their partner or their feelings about dating arise, it’s apparent that the two genders think differently. Here are some of the ways they think and act differently in dating and some dating takeaways.

1. Naturally, Women Overanalyze

Most women are likely to overanalyze the slightest remark their date makes. They will critically assess the tone on the other end, the time it takes to reply to a message, or even how he says goodbye before switching off.

Men, on the other hand, may not be as critical. Psychologists advise calling or picking a call instead of texting back and forth; a phone call always has more clarity.

2. Women tell how the Date Went

A lady can’t wait to tell her close circle of friends about how the date went. They will go into the details and maybe spare only a few private ones. Men are likely to remember brief moments in the date, and they probably tell the briefs after the date.

If the date goes as well as the girls expected, she is likely to show off. But if it all goes wrong, they will likely seek validation as him being the issue and not her. It’s no doubt that men like to show off a beautiful date, but not many are willing to share their intimate details with their friends.

3. She Wants the Man to Take the Lead

While most women want equality in a relationship, they secretly wish the man is assertive, speak boldly, and lead the way. To avoid disappointment, relationship experts advise men to be sure of the type of woman they are after.

Does she like chilling at the bar, pub, or some laid back place such as a cocktail bar? Knowing all this before the date will make it easier to suggest the perfect location to impress your date.

4. Women Always Want a Second Date

That’s if the date evening goes well. As women are more anxious during the date than men, it’s more reasonable that the man should be the one to suggest a second date right after the first. If the guy delays or fails to do it entirely, the lady might conclude that he didn’t like her and switch off emotionally.

The man usually tries to play it cool, trying not to appear too eager to plan for a second date so soon.

The culture of online dating has its downsides too.

First, it makes you picky and judgmental. The Association for Psychological Science reports that reviewing multiple candidates can make you inclined to accept the “perfect candidate” while dismissing the “not-quite-perfect candidates.”

And thanks to social media, there are many misconceptions about how a perfect man or woman should look, wear, or talk. Even before a face-to-face meeting, some men and women looking for potential matches may already have a preconceived bias.

Some Relationships Last, Some Don’t

At least 5% of Americans in a marriage or committed relationship are happy they met online. That’s optimistic, considering most relationships start by meeting in person.

Research by Michigan State University shows relationships that start online are 28% more likely to go south than personal encounters. Even worse, the former are three times more likely to divorce than the latter.

However, if you’re new to the world of online dating and phone chat lines, it’s best to cross your fingers and stay positive.

Tips to Make the Most out of Your Dating Experience

A few subtleties can help you have the ultimate experience while dating online. These are just a few.

Choose a Reliable Service

To get the best experience, the chat line of your choice needs to cover a large geographical area, have a lot of users, and an encrypted connection for secure payments. Some of the best chat lines are Livelinks and Quest Chat.

Show Off on Your Profile

People are attracted to energy, and your potential match will look out for your sense of fashion or sense of humor.

Be Open-minded

Just because you don’t have mutual hobbies or your match is not in the career you prefer, it’s not a reason to dismiss them yet. You might discover that you like their personality after a few interactions.

It’s the Simple Things that make Your Relationship Work.

When it comes to a relationship, you will both have to do some things the old-fashioned way. Harry Reis, Ph.D. and Dean’s Professor in Arts, Sciences and Eng., University of Rochester, insists that there’s much about a person that you can’t learn from a dating site profile.

You need to enjoy each other’s company, make each other laugh, communicate, and most importantly, feel like a better person while in the company of your date.

Reis notes that when these simple principles are incorporated, they are better predictors of relationship success.

Teenagers Are Lurking on Phone Chat Lines

Look Out For Minors Using Phone Chat Lines

Phone dating chat lines are meant for adults – and for adults only. Every chat line we’ve ever reviewed here at the chatline guide emphasizes their 18+ policy as part of their intro greeting. In spite of such warnings, there are often minors — most commonly teenage girls — found browsing the lines.

Chatline USA is for callers eighteen and over, if you are under eighteen you must hang up now.

Popular phone chat service Chatline USA commands under-age callers to hang up the phone

According to current US law, the act of having sexual contact with a minor below the age of 16 years is a felony which could result in 40+ years incarceration. Precedent dictates that adults can be convicted even if just for touching a minor’s breast or butt. Sexual contact with a minor over 16, on the other hand, is treated as a misdemeanor. There’s an exception if the convicted individual is below the age of 21 years and the age difference between him and the minor is less than four years. To put it more bluntly, if you break the law and have sexual contact with minors, you will have to carry the tag of a sex offender all through the rest of your life.

Law enforcement is known to post fake profiles of minors on sites like Craigslist to lure sexual predators and pedophiles. Less known is that special agents sometimes pose as minors on various phone chat lines as part of raids designed to detain perverts looking to sexually engage with under age boys and girls.

Possibility of being convicted by the law enforcement department is, however, not the only reason why having sexual contact with a minor is not a good idea. Such relationships can also cause serious trouble for you even if they are consensual. What’s alarming here is that you might be held responsible even when the underage individual in question lies about his/her age. Any kind of sexual contact with an underage individual could be considered statutory rape.

Opportunistic teenaged girls have used phone chat lines for luring adult men into having consensual sexual relations and later accuse their victims of rape in an attempt to extort money or reach a lucrative settlement.

In some past cases involving sexual contact with minors, we have seen the convicted adults trying to blame the chatline. However, that cannot be a clause raised by the defense lawyer as chatlines would inevitably tell in court that they have always been clear that their services are meant just for the adults. Chatlines are seldom found guilty for incidents taking place during personal meetings. When it comes to sexual acts with a minor, the law is not on the adult’s side. Adults chat line callers should stay alert and give firm no ensure that they don’t end up getting involved with a minor caller.

The number of underage girls using chatlines is pretty high as women are allowed to use these services for free. The number is significantly low when it comes to underage boys as getting a membership of these chatlines would need them to pay a reasonable amount of money. However, they may definitely misuse the free trial offers.

If you ever come across with a minor on a chat line you should avoid her at all costs. Do not agree to meet in person and don’t even think about having sex with — not even if she expresses her desire to do so. Avoid engaging in phone sex or using dirty words. Report her presence to the chatline moderators. Even if you only suspect that the person you have been chatting with has still not attained the legal age.

If you suspect you are chatting with a minor, ask for proof. Make sure the person shows you as an adult, it’s your job to make sure that you are not in touch with a minor when using any such service.

Young woman on the phone laughing in response to pick up line

Best Pick Up Lines to Break the Ice Over the Phone

Calling a chat line is a great way to get a chance to chat with hundreds of women, yet knowing what to say to break the ice and get her to really start communicating can be intimidating for the novice chatline caller. How do you stand out from the crowd of guys hoping to catch the attention of the woman on the other line?

Pickup lines are a great way to break the ice with a woman before you reveal your true personality and wit. However, a cleverly placed pickup line has zero effectiveness if you fail to follow up with funny, insightful or engaging conversation.

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes always say they’re attracted to a man with a strong sense of humor. It’s a personality trait that makes you seem warm, friendly, inviting and most of all, honest and sincere. However, if you need some help prior to revealing your true self, try out some of these pickup lines that incorporate a well-balanced mix of humor, flirtatiousness and provocativeness in the most subtle of ways (and in the not so subtle ways).

You sound like your freeing. Want to use me as a blanket?

Do I hear an airplane over there or is that just my heart taking off.

I’d better get a library card, because I’m checking you out.

Do you have a mirror over there? Do you see myself in your pants.

Do your feet hurt? Because I’m pretty sure you fell from heaven.

Can I send you a map? So I can show you the way to my heart

Are you an aspirin because I’d like to take you every 4 to 6 hours.

Sorry, I forgot your name, can I call you mine?

If you were a pizza and I were cheese, I’d melt over you.

I’m lost, can you tell me which road leads to your heart?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Because then we’re both in trouble.

I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.

Some of these pickup lines are vanilla and some are dirty. Some are cheesy and some are a bit suggestive. Either way make sure you practice your delivery. That’s the key in using any of these pickup lines skillfully and effectively. Try delivering a cheesy or corny pickup line with an ironic sense of humor. Approach the pickup line in a way that you know it’s so cheesy that the pickup line itself becomes the joke. You’re sure to make her laugh if she understands your humored approach. Rejection, however, is part of the game. Don’t take it personally and keep trying.

Next time you’re on a chatline try out some of these pickup lines. Use them as part of your greeting to get a laugh out of listeners or include them in a longer private message you leave individual women. If these don’t work wait until you have a woman on the phone one-on-one and pull out your favorite line and delivery it with a bang!

Humor makes a man seem humble and that’s a trait that can take you a long way on chatlines where a lively and interesting personality is paramount to success. They can’t see you and you can’t see them. Therefore, with the right amount of humor and personality mixed together, you can stand out among the sea of men who are dull, flat, obnoxious, impatient and often times crude.

Keep in mind that success on a chatline is a numbers game. If you can hold the attention of 1 out of every 10 women you encounter, that would be considered a success. Every woman takes to personalities different. Sometimes, the woman on the other end of the phone has no sense of humor herself. It’s not always you and you must remember that rejection is part of the challenge. You must get back up, dust yourself off and try again. Be true to yourself and you can find the perfect match with some perseverance, dedication and will. Be patient always and stay the course because women like men who can make them laugh. Never take it personally. If they don’t like your personality there’s a good chance it won’t matter how handsome or beautiful looking you or her are.

Let us know which pickup lines have worked for you on the chatlines. Have any suggestions? Let us and the other readers know what’s been working for you.

Recording call on Smartphone

How To Record A Phone Call Conversation

If you’ve ever called pretty much any type of business, you’re probably well aware your call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes. Commercial phone systems are costly, complicated and built for functionality, but sometimes, the rest of us might need to record a call, too. Here are a few ways you can!

Smartphone Apps

Thanks to modern-day technology, just about anything is possible, and you don’t necessarily need a lot of bulky, expensive equipment to achieve usable results. Smartphones are prime examples with all the functionality of advanced computers right in the palms of our hands. Android devices and iPhones don’t come with built-in call recorders, but as is the case in so many situations these days, there’s an app for that.

For use on both platforms, TapeACall is an inexpensive, user-friendly option geared toward call recording needs of all types. Though you’ll shell out all of $10 for the professional version, a free one is readily available. You can only record 60 seconds of conversation with the complimentary download; still, if that’s enough to fulfill your needs, why not save your money?

Another Call Recorder is readily available for the Android-faithful crowd, and that’s literally the app’s name. It’s free to use and comes with several features, like password protection, delayed startup, manual or automatic settings and compatibility with a wide range of storage platforms.

Google Voice does offer its own free call recording service, but it’s not the easiest option to use or the most feature-packed. At the same time, it lets users know you’re recording, so they’re bound to be on their best behavior once they find out what you’re doing.

Most of these apps are fairly simple to use and operate much like a three-way-calling scenario. Plenty of them are out there if you know where to look. Each one comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but they’ve all been known to serve their purpose.

Hardware and External Recording Devices

Does anyone out there remember cassette recorders? If you happen to have one on hand, you could always hold your phone up to one of those ancient devices and try to record a call. Of course, plenty of digital models are on the market these days.

You’ll find digital voice recorders starting at $12 or $13 dollars and ranging all the way up to $90,000 or more. Most people really don’t need one of the models on the pricier end of the spectrum; in fact, the cheap versions generally tend to suffice.

Olympus is a well-known brand, and it offers a call recorder for as little as $14. Sony, Zoom and Philips are a few other household names bringing the public technology like this for a fairly affordable price. Items like these usually just plug into the earbud jack on your phone, and they’re ready to pick up a conversation.

If you’re going to take the external hardware route, it’s important to keep a few things in mind during the shopping process. First of all, check out some user reviews for an idea of how good their voice quality is. From there, look at:

Ease-of-Use: If you spend the entire duration of a call trying to figure out how to connect and control the recorder, you’ve missed the point of the venture entirely. Try to find one that’s either simple to use or comes with comprehensive instructions. In a best-case scenario, you’ll acquire a model offering both.

Compatibility: In all likelihood, you’ll need to transfer your digital call recording into your laptop, tablet or a cloud-based storage system. Should you have a Windows operating system and end up with a recording device only designed to work with Apple products, your information will essentially be useless. Be sure to read the fine print before offering up your credit card number.

Storage Capacity: If you shell out your hard-earned money for a piece of hardware that’s only able to record a couple minutes of audio, you’re not much better off than you would’ve been with a free app. Be sure to compare the memory of the devices you’re considering against the potential length of the conversations you want to record.

Price is obviously a consideration as well. Those who only plan to record one or two exchanges probably wouldn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a device. On the other hand, if you intend to make a habit of it, one of the costlier options might pay off in the long run.

Simple-but-Effective Alternatives

Though we do have a wide range of technology at our disposal these days, recording a call doesn’t necessarily have to be a highly involved undertaking. You could always put a caller on speaker phone, hold another phone in close proximity, and record the call that way.

In the event you don’t have access to a second phone, you’d probably have to explain what you’re doing to someone else and ask to borrow theirs. This may not be a big deal, but if privacy is a priority, recording a call on a friend’s phone might not be an option.

From another angle, it’s also possible to take advantage of your own voicemail. Simply call the person you want to record, touch the “Add Call” feature on your phone, and direct it to your voicemail box. Time will be of the essence if you choose this method since most voicemails only hold out for a couple minutes or so. If you’re expecting a lengthy conversation, this wouldn’t be a suitable alternative.

Third-Party Services

Call recording services and software are readily available to businesses; of course, you don’t necessarily have to prove your business status in order to reap their benefits. Most of these aren’t free, but some aren’t all that expensive, either.

CallRail: This option has received high marks in several categories, like ease-of-use and available assistance should the need arise. At $30 per month, it offers features such as recording, sharing, archiving and instant call retrieval.

Call Corder: If you have the right tools going into a venture like this, Call Corder software can record phone conversations directly to your computer. It’s a bit more expensive at around $40 or $50 per month depending on the package you choose, but it allows you to record calls on demand.

Automatic Call Recording: With Automatic Call Recording from RingCentral, you could potentially record up to 100,000 calls over the lifetime of your account for $20 a month. According to current users, it’s simple to set up and can be used by only a single person. You can even record video calls with this option.

These are only a handful of the tracking software and service solutions out there. Though many of them come with a wide range of features you won’t need, like call source tracking and marketing analytics, they do provide the one component you do: call recording.

While some of the asking prices could certainly add up if you go for a monthly subscription, most of these products do offer free trial periods. If you decide to use one of these options just to record a call or two, don’t let it get out of hand. Do your research on the length of the free trail, and be sure to cancel before the grace period runs out.

Final Word

Third-party call recording software and services undoubtedly offer the broadest range of features. Still, monthly subscription fees make them some of the most expensive options on the table if they don’t come with a free probationary period or you forget to cancel your subscription before the complimentary trial ends.

Smartphone apps are typically either free or inexpensive. They’re guaranteed to be compatible with your phone unless you somehow inadvertently venture outside your operating system’s app store. These alternatives may not offer the most features, but they’ll suffice.

You might say external recording devices offer a happy medium. They’re not free, but a number of inexpensive models are available for purchase. Be sure to do your research beforehand, so you’ll find one that meets your needs, budget, technical skill level and operating platform, though.

For those who don’t mind falling back on technology of decades past, the tape recorder option is a possibility. Getting a second phone involved or letting your voicemail in on the conversation works well, too, and these solutions don’t come with any extra out-of-pocket expenses.

Having said all that, recording calls isn’t exactly legal without the other party’s express consent. In order for such approval to be given, the person on the other end of the line would have to know he or she is being recorded. When you let the other person know you’re recording the call, its outcome may not be the same as it would otherwise.

Whether you’re recording a call with a customer service representative for future reference or just want to preserve a conversation for the sake of memories, tread carefully. Should the need arise, though, you do have options.

Sexy Phone Operator

How to Sound Sexy On the Phone

Using only her voice, a masterful PSO can make her customer’s imagination go wild and make him think he is talking with the woman of his fantasies. She is a voice actress that can immitate a sexual goddess regardless of how she actually looks like in real life.

The phone sex industry is large. Millions of women are attracted to the benefits of working from home easy and rewarding. With so many options now available on the market, phone sex workers need to know how to sound their best when talking on the phone with customers in order to keep on top of the competition.

If you are phone sex operator looking to improve how you sound when talking on the phone, here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve that goal.

Speak in a lower voice

It is a well known fact that women are attracted to men with lower voices, as a deep voice conveys power and strength. Speaking in a deeper voice than normal can also do wonders for chat line operators. For male speakers, a lower, huskier tone can be achieved by speaking slower than you normally do, or by breathing deeply and speaking from the mouth and diaphragm instead of the nose (which often produces a nasally tone). 

On the other hand, some may be surprised to find that many men also appreciate lower, huskier tones in females, and are turned off by shrill voices. This is because voices that are too high can signal to the listener that the speaker is anxious, uncomfortable, or not at ease with their own mind and body. In fact, a study done by American psychologists at the University of Baltimore and Albright College found that both males and females naturally use lower voices when they are physiologically attracted to their conversation partner. This may be because a lower pitch signals to both females and males a more confident and comfortable speaker, which in turn works wonders on the listener’s own state of mind and relaxedness.

Selectively lower your volume

Talking in a hushed, low tone signifies that the conversation between you and your listener is a private and intimate affair. One way to use this to your advantage is to use that same lowered tone for the entire conversation. However, selectively choosing at which moments to lower your voice has an even more potent effect. For more intimate parts of your conversation, letting the volume of your voice drop can be very helpful in conveying your attraction to someone. Additionally, lowering your voice makes the listener have to pay closer attention to what you are saying, and when you choose to employ this tactic your words will carry more weight and make a greater impact.

Let resonance build in your voice

Lack of resonance, or lack of a deep, full voice, can lead to a scratchy, stingy sound- definitely not what phone workers want to be going for. Scratchy, grating voices are difficult for the listener to hear, and can eventually turn them off of the conversation. Letting a little bit of resonance build in your voice can signal to the person on the other end of the phone line your vitality, and, especially for male speakers, your strength.

There are many ways to practice speaking with more resonance. One is to simply hum a long low note by saying “mmm”, and gradually increase the pitch until you have reached a mid tone, then hum note achieved and gradually lower the pitch to the starting point. When doing the exercise, you are trying to achieve a slight buzzing sensation in the front of the face as the vocal chords are vibrating. When speaking to a customer next time, try to tune in to that same buzz and speak at a frequency that recreates that reverberation and resonance.

Express yourself intelligently

Of course, an appealing, smoky voice will only get you so far. In order to completely engage your chat line client, you must be able to express yourself intelligently. Presenting yourself as a competent, fun, and engaging person is one of the most important parts of keeping a customer happy with your call. In fact, and especially for male speakers, confidence and attractiveness go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, here are a few ways to develop a more confidence, attractive voice.

First, do not rush when you speak. Letting words fall out of your mouth the second you think of them may signal to the listener that you are unsure of yourself. Constantly rushing to get words out will result in the listener tuning you out, or at the very least not paying attention to everything you say. Another way to exude intelligence and attractiveness in your speech is to speak with passion when something excites you. People will be more engaged in your phone call, and enjoy it more, if you first show that you are engaged and enjoying the phone call yourself.

If your goal is to move the conversation towards phone sex, you’ll likely find it useful to have a game plan at the back of your mind. This helps take some of the pressure off of yourself by not requiring you to make up a plan as you go, and also gives a basic structure to your call. It will also ensure that you don’t go blank in the middle of a call, and leave you hanging for what to say next.

When talking with men, make sure to describe your actions (and his) in vivid, graphic language. Men are visually oriented, and adding as much description as you can might be your best tactic. When talking with any sex, initiate a more intimate experience by asking them about themselves, their wants, and preferences. This is a great way to cater to what the caller wants, and not just what you think they might want.

Let your customer talk

Although people don’t call phone sex lines for the express purpose of talking about themselves, allow your customers to tell you a bit about themselves and their lives. This is beneficial to both parties in many ways.

First, it helps you understand their wants and needs, and paves the way to knowing your customer better. Secondly, speaking about themselves will be cathartic for your customer. Lastly, by listening to them talk about themselves, you show them that you care about them as individuals, and this will build a more intimate relationship, and lead to a more satisfying call.

Express yourself freely

Lastly, you might notice that many people use a strict formula when calling clients. They may find that using a formulaic approach to answering calls requires less effort on their part, and keeps customers satisfied and coming back. Ultimately, however, sticking to a script can only do so much for you. Every customer on the end of your line is unique, and the best phone sex workers will learn when to veer off script and let the conversation grow organically.

Mary Ann Gallagher if a PSO veteran who now consults for phone sex companies and trains their PSO’s on to better satisfy their customers.