What is The Gangster Party Line

The Gangster Party Line

“Meet Local Gangstas Who Want To Talk Shit All Night Long” is the motto of the Gangster Party Line, a video parody making fun of late-night urban chatlines in the United States.

Launched in 2005, the comedic project quickly went viral. Major entertainment websites including CollegeHumor and LiveLeak picked up and featured the parody. Since then, this hilarious mock-ad has been shared millions of times and it has even been dubbed into other languages.

The accompanying website, GangsterPartyLine.com allows visitor to listen to actual recordings from real callers.

The Gansta Party Line was created by Adam Schary. The TV commercial parody was written and directed by stand up comedian Brent Weinbach.

The Jesus Chatline was another party line parody which gained significant popularity in social media channels.

Update: Also check out Bromancing the Phone, the chatline exclusively for bros.