More Americans Calling Chatlines to Express Political Frustrations

Friend consoling her friend
  • Users report phone chatlines are being be used to by callers vent out anger and frustration over election results
  • Women and College Students among most prominent callers
  • Hispanics feeling some fear in regards to President Elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies
  • That there are still animosities between different presidential candidates’ supporters

Still shocked by the election results, chatline users and are resorting to phone chatlines to discuss their fears , angers and frustrations, about the social and political situation in the United States

Jessica Miller, a Penn State College Student and A Hillary supporter was one of the many protesters who took to the streets after President-Elect Donald Trump won the electorate vote. “I couldn’t believe it” – she says – “I literally can’t believe it even now.” The nineteen-year-old claims she found comfort after calling a chatline and finding so much support from like minded people across the country. “There is a community on the chatline helping each other cope with this trauma”. Jessica explained there are many out there that like her are fearful and frustrated just as she is, and their feelings can be felt right on their greeting messages.

After protesting the most she could during four days straight, she took her equality flag home and reportedly broke down in tears.

Jessica continues by saying that this year’s elections had a lot of pressure as the campaigns were vicious and the stakes were high.

She continues by stating the ripples can still be felt, and that she considers the “vicious campaign” far from over.

We asked a chatline operator to ask if they were aware of this phenomenon. Even though our source couldn’t comment on the nature of the conversations, he was able to confirm there is an discernible change in caller behavior and spending habits as well as an increased number of free female callers and an increase of overall call duration.

Phone chatlines report an increase in the number of calls and duration
their numbers have indeed increased and their business is booming thanks to the people who are finding solace in venting out with each other.

Millenials are Particularly Bothered:
The millennial generation is reported to be the one making the most amount of calls.

Vibeline and Livelinks are the services that are serving as a vehicle to express uncertainties and worries about their future.

Their distress can be felt in Ahmad Bhutani, a student that is pretty vocal as what is behind his concern:

“With Trump’s victory, all Muslims are in distress. He has branded us for deportation before the elections, and I fear what may happen to my family once he starts his immigration program going.”

Ahmad says he has been finding a lot of support on his experience with Vibeline, and that most people still can’t believe the elections ended in the way they did.

Hispanics and the Shadow of Trump’s Immigration Policies:

On our investigation, we also found that the conversation on Fonochat (a chatline targeted toward hispanics) is dominated by immigration related policies.

We called Fonochat and were matched with Roberto Morales, an illegal alien living in Chicago, IL. Roberto told us he was afraid of Trump’s immigration policies being too strict and that he fears for his family of five whose fate, he guarantees, was sealed by the election’s results.

He told us that the media had convinced him he was going to be deported to Mexico as soon as President Elect Trump was sworned into office.

Man States He Was Assaulted on New York City’s Subways for Being a Trump Supporter:
According to a report by FoxNews, twenty-four years old Corey Cataldo was assaulted on NYC’s subway when wearing a white hat with the popular campaign motto “Make America Great Again.”

Cataldo reported that he was approached by a man that asked him about the hat and if he was a Trump supporter. Cataldo, thinking he had found another Republican, answered with a yes. The man pinned him down and started assaulting Corey until another man decided to help him and separated both of them. The shocker was, that according to Cataldo nobody on the train station was inclined to help him until that one man came along.

It is now clear that some things have already started to change after this year’s elections, and among them, we can point out some of the facts:

One thing is for sure in the USA today, and that is the fact the elections’ results are still being felt throughout the country.