1-900-HOT-JEDI: Playboy’s Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Chat Line Parody

Sexy Star Wars Nerd Parody

Who’s Your Daddy Luke?
Darth Vader

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there was a sexy Yoda willing to fulfill your every desire…

We found this hilarious phone sex line parody starring the classic Start Wars characters. The video mimics the format of vintage commercials advertising phone sex hotlines during late night programming.

Lonely Are You… Call Now You Will
Sexy Yoda

Interested callers are encouraged to call the number on the screen to role play with sexy version of star wars characters including Yoda, Princess Leiah, and Storm Troopers, even Darth Vader.

The Nerd Hotline: Phone Sex Line Parody Starring Paris Hilton and the Star Trek Cast

Sara Jean Underwood, was a very popular model and actress during that time, played a hilarious female Yoda. In one part of the video, she pretends to talk to a caller on the phone in which she says, “No, Jabba’s not here right now.” This line was clearly meant to entice viewers who had watched ‘Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi’, as in the beginning of the film, Jabba holds princess Leia captive in a manner that seemed to suggest she was her whore slave and princess Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher, was dressed in a particularly enticing manner that was memorable to all star wars fans. In another intriguing line from the video, Sara Jean Underwood says, “You want me to put my light saber where?” And of course, we all know where she meant.

You Want Me To Put My Light Saber Where?
Sexy Yoda

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While phone sex lines may be a thing of the past, we can only hope we get something similar in the future especially now that technology has advanced incredibly well since the release of this video. Who knows, we might actually get the chance to interact with all our favorite characters through virtual reality simulations in a few years’ time.