How to Sound Sexy On the Phone

Sexy Phone Operator

Using only her voice, a masterful PSO can make her customer’s imagination go wild and make him think he is talking with the woman of his fantasies. She is a voice actress that can immitate a sexual goddess regardless of how she actually looks like in real life.

The phone sex industry is large. Millions of women are attracted to the benefits of working from home easy and rewarding. With so many options now available on the market, phone sex workers need to know how to sound their best when talking on the phone with customers in order to keep on top of the competition.

If you are phone sex operator looking to improve how you sound when talking on the phone, here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve that goal.

Speak in a lower voice

It is a well known fact that women are attracted to men with lower voices, as a deep voice conveys power and strength. Speaking in a deeper voice than normal can also do wonders for chat line operators. For male speakers, a lower, huskier tone can be achieved by speaking slower than you normally do, or by breathing deeply and speaking from the mouth and diaphragm instead of the nose (which often produces a nasally tone). 

On the other hand, some may be surprised to find that many men also appreciate lower, huskier tones in females, and are turned off by shrill voices. This is because voices that are too high can signal to the listener that the speaker is anxious, uncomfortable, or not at ease with their own mind and body. In fact, a study done by American psychologists at the University of Baltimore and Albright College found that both males and females naturally use lower voices when they are physiologically attracted to their conversation partner. This may be because a lower pitch signals to both females and males a more confident and comfortable speaker, which in turn works wonders on the listener’s own state of mind and relaxedness.

Selectively lower your volume

Talking in a hushed, low tone signifies that the conversation between you and your listener is a private and intimate affair. One way to use this to your advantage is to use that same lowered tone for the entire conversation. However, selectively choosing at which moments to lower your voice has an even more potent effect. For more intimate parts of your conversation, letting the volume of your voice drop can be very helpful in conveying your attraction to someone. Additionally, lowering your voice makes the listener have to pay closer attention to what you are saying, and when you choose to employ this tactic your words will carry more weight and make a greater impact.

Let resonance build in your voice

Lack of resonance, or lack of a deep, full voice, can lead to a scratchy, stingy sound- definitely not what phone workers want to be going for. Scratchy, grating voices are difficult for the listener to hear, and can eventually turn them off of the conversation. Letting a little bit of resonance build in your voice can signal to the person on the other end of the phone line your vitality, and, especially for male speakers, your strength.

There are many ways to practice speaking with more resonance. One is to simply hum a long low note by saying “mmm”, and gradually increase the pitch until you have reached a mid tone, then hum note achieved and gradually lower the pitch to the starting point. When doing the exercise, you are trying to achieve a slight buzzing sensation in the front of the face as the vocal chords are vibrating. When speaking to a customer next time, try to tune in to that same buzz and speak at a frequency that recreates that reverberation and resonance.

Express yourself intelligently

Of course, an appealing, smoky voice will only get you so far. In order to completely engage your chat line client, you must be able to express yourself intelligently. Presenting yourself as a competent, fun, and engaging person is one of the most important parts of keeping a customer happy with your call. In fact, and especially for male speakers, confidence and attractiveness go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, here are a few ways to develop a more confidence, attractive voice.

First, do not rush when you speak. Letting words fall out of your mouth the second you think of them may signal to the listener that you are unsure of yourself. Constantly rushing to get words out will result in the listener tuning you out, or at the very least not paying attention to everything you say. Another way to exude intelligence and attractiveness in your speech is to speak with passion when something excites you. People will be more engaged in your phone call, and enjoy it more, if you first show that you are engaged and enjoying the phone call yourself.

If your goal is to move the conversation towards phone sex, you’ll likely find it useful to have a game plan at the back of your mind. This helps take some of the pressure off of yourself by not requiring you to make up a plan as you go, and also gives a basic structure to your call. It will also ensure that you don’t go blank in the middle of a call, and leave you hanging for what to say next.

When talking with men, make sure to describe your actions (and his) in vivid, graphic language. Men are visually oriented, and adding as much description as you can might be your best tactic. When talking with any sex, initiate a more intimate experience by asking them about themselves, their wants, and preferences. This is a great way to cater to what the caller wants, and not just what you think they might want.

Let your customer talk

Although people don’t call phone sex lines for the express purpose of talking about themselves, allow your customers to tell you a bit about themselves and their lives. This is beneficial to both parties in many ways.

First, it helps you understand their wants and needs, and paves the way to knowing your customer better. Secondly, speaking about themselves will be cathartic for your customer. Lastly, by listening to them talk about themselves, you show them that you care about them as individuals, and this will build a more intimate relationship, and lead to a more satisfying call.

Express yourself freely

Lastly, you might notice that many people use a strict formula when calling clients. They may find that using a formulaic approach to answering calls requires less effort on their part, and keeps customers satisfied and coming back. Ultimately, however, sticking to a script can only do so much for you. Every customer on the end of your line is unique, and the best phone sex workers will learn when to veer off script and let the conversation grow organically.

Mary Ann Gallagher if a PSO veteran who now consults for phone sex companies and trains their PSO’s on to better satisfy their customers.