Actual Pictures of People Looking To Hookup on Chatlines

Sexy on the Phone

Every month, thousands of meaningful relationships are formed through what started as two people calling their local dating chatlines. But for these unlucky folks, things didn’t quite end up like they expected.

People will tend to present themselves on a positive light. We’re all guilty of  posting our most flattering pictures on Facebook while intentionally filtering out the more realistic ones.  Most people would most likely send a forgiving pictures when asked to exchange pics before with someone we met on a chatline, and that is totally A-Ok. But these callers took this game of deception to a whole new level.

Below are some examples of people using fake pictures to attract the opposite sex. People use this tactic to attrac the opposite sex not only on chatlines, but also on dating sites and other online personal profiles.

In the examples below, the pictures on the left are the ones that where sent prior to the date. On the right, the actual photograph taken at the spot of the date showing the real person who arrived at the meeting.


Blonde Chatline Impostor

Young, beautiful Russian on the left, middle aged cougar on the right. What was she smoking when she posted that pic!


The blonde below was eager to meet, and the guy fell for her fake pic too. Still, she seems like a friendly lady on her real picture on the right, just not quite the same type of fun the guy was expecting.

Chatline Impostor 3: Thick Girl

This girl did mentioned she was “thick” while talking on the chatline. From the picture, she didn’t look too thick. Some men like thick, but the girls that arrived was well beyond thick.

Chatline impostor 4:  The Black Latina Transformation

Obviously, this girl was transformed from latina to african american though an state of the art surgery procedure!

Chatline impostor 5: The Classy Slut

This classy black girl and her slutty alter ego. Probably same girl, but way too flattering picture.

Next time you decide to call your local party line and connect with someone who you think you like, make sure you get more than 1 picture. Talk to them on live video using skupe or facetime if possible.