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Telephone call recording equipment

Is It Legal To Record A Phone Conversation?

There are many reasons why someone might want to record a phone call. Businesses do it all the time “for quality assurance purposes”, while individuals may want to record calls in order to remember important information or simply keep a record of a particular exchange of communication. On a dating chatline, for example, callers may want to play back conversations to relive a pleasant experience or to remember specific details about a new friend.

However, it’s important to understand the laws that govern recording conversations. In certain circumstances, recording a phone call is illegal and could lead to criminal prosecution or, at best, a civil suit. The things you need to consider are where the other person is located, what the laws are in his or her state, and whether you might be violating federal wiretapping laws if you’re not a party to the conversation.

Wiretapping Laws

According to federal law, it’s illegal to use any kind of device to secretly record someone else’s conversation. In other words, you can’t record the conversation of two or more other people who do not know of the recording or consent to it. This applies to any phone conversation as well as to any private face-to-face conversation that the person recording it could not naturally overhear. Not only is it against the law to record a conversation secretly, it is also illegal to share that conversation or the content of it with others.

One-Party Consent Laws

Federal law states that it is permissible to record a phone conversation if at least one person consents to it. In other words, as long as you agree to record your own call, you’re free to do it, without asking permission from the person on the other end of the line. If you wish to wiretap a phone in order to record someone else’s conversation, you can also do that as long as you have one person’s consent. The majority of states support one-party consent. In fact, thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia currently have their own one-party consent laws.

Two-Party Consent Laws

Eleven states, on the other hand, have some type of two-party consent law. These laws dictate that all parties to a conversation must give consent before a call can be recorded. In other words, a conversation among two or more participants cannot be recorded without permission from each person in the call. In Massachusetts, for example, the law states that calls cannot be recorded “in secret.” This wording is interpreted as a two-party consent law. It’s worth noting, however, that all military bases and Indian reservations are governed by the federal law allowing one-party consent, even if they are in a two-party consent state.

Two-Party Consent States

In a two-party or all-party consent state, you must have permission from all parties to a phone call. The following are two-party consent states along with a few specifics about each state’s law.

California: It is illegal to record a private conversation without the consent of all parties.

Connecticut: It is illegal to record a private conversation without either verbal or tacit consent from all parties. You may record a conversation if you first announce that the call is being recorded, if you secure verbal permission, or if you give an electronic signal that a recording device is being used.

Florida: It is illegal to record any in-person, phone, or electronic conversation that participants reasonably expect to be private unless you have the consent of all parties.

Maryland: It is illegal to secretly record any private conversation without the consent of all parties.

Massachusetts: It is illegal to record any private conversation if the other party or parties are not aware of it. If you announce that the call is recorded, it is up to the other party or parties to leave the conversation.

It is illegal to eavesdrop on a private conversation, which includes making a recording of it without all parties’ consent. However, there is some debate about whether “eavesdrop” applies if you’re recording your own conversation.

Montana: It is illegal to record a conversation without providing notification to all parties.

Nevada: While it is legal to record an in-person conversation with only one party’s consent, it is illegal to record a phone call without all parties’ consent.

New Hampshire: It is illegal to record a private in-person, phone or electronic conversation or to share such a conversation without the consent of all parties.

Pennsylvania: It is illegal to record a phone call or in-person conversation where there is an expectation of privacy without all parties’ consent.

Washington State: It is illegal to record a phone call without announcing (and recording) the fact. Then, it is up to the conversation participants to leave the conversation if they don’t want to be recorded.

Vermont is an unusual case because it is the only state that has no laws regarding the recording of phone conversations. However, some court cases have set a precedent supporting all-party consent, so it is advisable to obtain consent if you want to record a call with someone in Vermont.

Calling Across State Lines

The confusion arises when you make a call across state lines, or when you don’t know the location of the person you’re calling. While a one-party consent law may be in effect in your state, your caller’s state may require two-party consent. In this case, it’s not clear whether federal or state law applies, and which state’s law would have priority. That’s why it’s best to get consent from all parties to a conversation when there is the slightest doubt about the legality of recording it.

“This Call May Be Recorded”

When you call any customer service number, you’ll most likely be told, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.” The company is not just informing you out of courtesy; by staying on the line, you are giving your tacit consent to be recorded, and thus, the company is not violating any wiretapping or two-party consent laws.

Still Unsure?

If you’re considering recording a phone conversation with a person who does not give his or her consent, check with an attorney who can advise you of the legality of your plan and inform you about any risks you might be taking.

Scene from "Kiss and Not Tell" Music Video from La Roux

La Roux’s Music Video Makes Us Reminisce of Flashy Phone Sex Commercials of the 80’s

In the music video for her latest song “Kiss and not Tell”, La Roux’s reminds us of 1980’s style late night sex chat lines commercials of the 1980’s and 90’s.

The video draws the viewer into what is about as close to a real sex chat line commercial as can be while the sex appeal of La Roux is equivalent to that of a sex chat line hostess which is backed up by a sexy little pop beat and lyrics expressive of a longing for love.

The singer/artist, hair done up in a wave covering half of her face and sporting a fresh makeover throughout the video is shown singing the song’s lyrics in a spoof of phone sex chat line commercials while her words expresses her pent up feelings toward a potential lovers.

La Roux appears to be lip-synching to the lyrics (another trademark of the era) while in between vintage novelty phones are shown ringing.

In some scenes she is shown dancing and singing inside a retro TV set. Other scenes show her popping up from the bottom of the screen with a telephone in her hand — very much like a real phone sex commercials 30 years ago.

The singer sings her catchy song expressing emotions, or withheld emotions that make her want to “Kiss And Not Tell.”

The lyrics are full of lines that are urging another to get on with a relationship in the manner of a secret chat line.

In the beginning of the song she sings

“Ten Thousand Stories Sent Two Lovers Disguise
You Have Seen The Future Now
A Love That Is Blind
Makes You Want To Kiss And Not Tell”

As she sings “You Have Dialed That Number Now So Where The Surprise Temptations Calling You A Secret Reply” the song lyrics quickly have matched to the video’s sex chat scene and also the temptation to call again once you have called the chat number or the number of your lover for the very first time.

While the singer has suggested in and through her lyrics that her lover or another is backing off she expresses the similar feelings when she sings “all along I have had these feelings I can’t help makes me want to kiss and not tell,” her lover she tries to draw close while on her end she expresses that she has feelings and just wants to kiss and not tell.

The phone sex chat line theme of the video runs parallel as the song is expressing the upside of phone sex chat lines and the sex appeal of more private and intimate interaction between lovers, fulfilling the need and desire for love and compassion privately and perhaps in a way that does not jeopardize personal privacy.

As the song progresses La Roux sings:

All Along I’ve Had Feelings I Can’t Help
Makes Me Want To Kiss And Not Tell
And All I Want is To Come Right Out of My Shell

which further suggests that she is reluctant as the other as she repeats the chorus of “makes me want to kiss and not tell.”

The video for the song clearly expresses the desire for companionship without being too open and straightforward all the while having a love or relationship with someone that can be cherished privately.

The video perhaps shows why sex chat lines are not necessarily bad as some people are shy and less social than others when it comes to relationships.

Carol Shaya As A Police Officer

Carol Shaya: The Cop That Created A Chatline

Twenty-two years ago this month, a young cop named Carol Shaya made headlines that rocked the nation. And it wasn’t for something related to police work either– it was for an altogether different line of “work” that the police force usually don’t dabble with.

Carol Shaya posed for nudie pics on Playboy.

Carol Shaya Playboy Magazine Cover

In hindsight, this “discretion” seem a little tame by today’s standards. Surely, there are worse things that a police officer can do in her spare time that are more scandalous than posing for a few shots in a porno mag. As a woman living in the US of A, the land of the free, Shaya is surely entitled to do with whatever she wishes with her body?

But it wasn’t that simple. Some of Shaya’s pictures in Playboy involved her skimpily dressed in what is clearly a police officer’s uniform, with her shirt button strategically opened to display her chest. And on the cover of the magazine itself, the words “NYPD NUDE” were prominently displayed, and Shaya still in the same sexy uniform with the same slightly-opened shirt. It was on the lower end of the risque scale, but since Shaya was a real life cop working for the NYPD, it seemed as if she was representing her office on Playboy’s pages.

As expected, the higher ups at the NYPD weren’t too excited about one of their own being involved in such an enterprise. Shaya was eventually dismissed from office (her posing for a nudie mag was deemed as a violation of NYC’s City Charter and the NYPD’s own department rules); and she was also charged by her own department for improper use of a police uniform and logo, as well as for unauthorized off-duty employment (she was paid $100,000 by Playboy for the shoot).

Shaya did try to counter-sue though, but this was unsuccessful. The court still upheld the cases against her. She wasn’t able to return to work as a police officer.

But while her career in the police force was prematurely cut short, Carol Shaya eventually moved on to greener pastures. And one of those pastures is pretty similar to what she did in that Playboy gig.

Just take a look at the video below.

Riding on the “notoriety” she gained from the Playboy fiasco, Shaya created her own sexy chatline. Looking through the video, the chatline seems to have a unique take on the sexy phone hotline concept.

“Remember Carol Shaya, ex-New York City police officer?” a sultry voice asks. There’s a clip of Shaya herself, in her blue police uniform.

“Now’s your chance to call Carol and talk to all of her friends…”

And there’s a whole bunch of other girls who, like Shaya, are also part of other professional fields. There’s one who’s supposed to be a firefighter, a fitness instructor, and a doctor.

The voice encourages viewer to call the number on the screen to “…find out what’s really happening, both on the job- and off.”

All in all, life turned out to be quite okay for Carol Shaya. She has a few bit pieces in the police drama New York Undercover, and also starred in a direct-to-video film called Silent Pray in 1997. The last known update of her was in 2004, when the New York Times reported that she was working in real estate.

Tones and Pulses Phone Dialing Concept

Pulses vs Tones: What is the Difference Between Pulse and Tone Dialing

You’ve probably never thought about the mechanisms inside your land line or your cell phone. You pick up the phone, dial it and it signals the number you dialed to ring on the other end.

But have you ever stopped to think about how your phone knows what to do when you dial it? In fact, there’s a dialing mechanism in your phone that may be specific to the time that you bought it; not-so-recently American telecommunications companies switched over to something “tone dialing”. This article discusses the differences between this method and its predecessor, “pulse dialing”.

The History of Dialing

From the onset of telephones, the only method of dialing was pulse dialing, coinciding with the invention of rotary phones. These phones, which are marked by their round dials, sent a pulse every time you rotated past a number, signaling the final number by transferring each sequence.

Because of this system, the person dialing had to let the wheel return all the way back to its resting place before dialing the next number. It worked, but it was inconvenient; in fact, the birth of tone dialing came from the urge to find a quicker, more convenient method of dialing a phone.

The tone dialing method consists of a numerical key pad that sounds a different tone for each button (number), coding a unique phone number with which to communicate.

Switching from Pulse to Tone

Initial trials of the tone dialing system were inconsistent, so it didn’t catch on until about two decades after it was invented. In 1963, the tone dialing system was perfected, and became the standard for telecommunications companies across the country, replacing the outdated pulse dialing (and now-obsolete rotary phone, though these hung around for decades after).

The advantages of tone dialing were simple: Connecting to a call via tone dialing is quicker, more convenient and easier, being done on a device with a keypad instead of a rotary dial. In fact, one could speculate that if tone dialing would have never been invented (or perfected) cell phones as we know them would have never followed.

Key Takeaways

At their core, both systems are used as means to the same end; establishing an internet connection and signaling which number to place a call.

While pulse connections take a considerable amount of time to place, tone dialing is quick, easy and convenient. You may have experience yourself, or have at least heard your elders telling stories about the frustrations of placing a call with rotary phone.

We perfected a new method of dialing to save time, but in the absence of any laws mandating that every person update their phone system, most phones have a switch on their base that toggles between tone and pulse to ensure backwards compatibility. The switch to tone dialing was developed to be more convenient than pulse dialing, but it established a basis for smaller, sleeker phones as time moved forward.

Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa Answers Question People Have About Sex But Are Too Afraid To Ask

Sexual issues are not discussed nearly as much as they should. In most cases, the internet serves as a good substitute for information. However, we can’t count on the internet to pick the right thing to show to kids. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa is a web series that seeks to bridge the gap and talk about taboo subjects in a comfortable, appropriate and most importantly informative manner.

Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa is a new web series about a seven-year-old boy who, due to his inquisitive nature, asks his father about different sexual issues often in a manner that leaves the father at a loss for words. The father may respond in an awkward manner at first but then finds a clever way of explaining things to the young boy in ways he can understand. In the first webisode, Pappu asks about masturbation. The harmless question stems from curiosity about something the boy has clearly heard or read about before. The father proceeds to demystify things using a game of cricket as the grandfather listens in always pointing out what should and shouldn’t be said.

The series, which will air in 5 parts, is the creation of Yash Raj Films under Y-Films, a part of the Indian film production giant created to cater to the younger audience. The project is directed by Ashish Patil, head of business and creative at the film company.

The series was written by Gopal Datt and Devang Kakkad whose combined talents have found them a sweet spot between being preachy and too forthright. Humor helps to close down the generational gap between father and son as they seek to find level ground about topics that would otherwise be awkward to talk about around the house.

The series is set to be translated into 15 languages 6 of which are Indian. Translation will be done in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. As for the international viewership, the series will have subtitles for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German, Thai, Malay and Bahasa. The producers of the show thought it a good idea to make the series available to as many people around the globe as possible.

Sex Chat with Papu and Papa is a story that revolves around the Watsa family. It stars Anand Tiwari as the father (Anand Watsa), Kabir Sajid as the son (Pappu) and the seasoned veteran Sachin Pilgaonkar as the grandfather Vishwanath Watsa.

While the series portrays the father as willing to answer any questions the son has, the grandfather, on the other hand, would rather not talk about such things with children. His take on the whole matter is that the boy shut’s up, and the father ceases to indulge such questions. He is always checking that the father doesn’t give away too much. As the show progresses, he’s perspective changes as he too learns from the father. Sanjeeda Shaikh also features in the series as Pappu’s heavily pregnant mother, Shireen. Usha Watsa, whose role is played by Alka Amin, is Pappu’s enlightened grandmother. She is well read and will not hesitate to dispel any false logic about sex.

The series is backed with plenty of research from top gynecologists and other medical experts

The choice of surname for the fictional family cannot go unnoticed. Mahinder Watsa, the renowned sexologist, must have been in the minds of the creators of the show. Watsa is known for his outspoken nature of all things to do with sexual education. Through his tabloid in the Mumbai Mirror, the sexologist uses a comical yet to the point approach to debunk all sorts of myths about sex. The similarity of surname is sure going to endear some Watsa fans to the series.

Matters to do with sexuality are not the most popular topics in the Indian populace. The Indian social set up is rooted in conservativeness thus fostering ignorance on many sexual issues. It is a common thing to look around the back pages of news papers and magazines and find 40 year old men curious to know if masturbation will bring about baldness or blindness. In a society that is closed out to such discussions, a series like “Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa” is a great ice breaker. Parents get to pick tidbits of advice from the series and also have it easy as it does all the explaining for them.

In a society that is closed out to such discussions, a series like “Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa” is a great ice breaker.

Y-Films have a plan laid out that will see to it that the sex chat web series is a financial success. It intends to monetize the series through sponsorship deals as well as YouTube advertising. Sales to other platforms that will show the 5 part series overseas will also boost the earnings. According to the director, Ashish Patil, the series could go into mainstream viewing and air on TV abroad. The main sponsor for the series is the condom brand Durex and Ching’s Desi Chinese comes in as the associate sponsor.

The media that Y-Films chose to deliver their message couldn’t be better, given that everyone is on the internet looking up this or the other thing. The younger viewers will especially enjoy it as it takes into consideration their love for the internet.

Apart from making the right choice of medium the series is backed with plenty of research from top gynecologists and other medical experts. Thorough research was key to getting the whole series to gel together. The more they had the more they could do.

Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa is yet another of Y-Films ambitious efforts to push boundaries. The production company has cultivated a reputation for tackling taboo subjects and giving it straight to the audience. Y- Films has had other projects of this kind the most recent one being “Ladies Room.” The web series also had sexual themes showing two ladies who were best friends who want to have sex but do not want to end up pregnant.It is these kinds of thrills that make this one worth a watch.

Stripped Down Couple Communicating on live chat through their computers

Looking for Sex Chat? These are your Options

As a consumer, you have more choices than ever when it comes to increasingly interactive forms of sex chat. This is a good thing, in that there’s enough choice to provide an option that fits almost any budget, but not in an easily found manner. Choice means a complicated process of exploring all your options and deciding which one meets your wants and needs the best.

Luckily, we’ve done you a favor by breaking down all the different options by price range and key features so that you can more easily choose the sex chat experience that fits your budget and tastes. Read on for our guide to sex chat services:

1. Phone Dating Chatlines

Phone dating lines are one of the oldest forms of sex chat option, since they involved the lowest level of technology. On a phone dating chatline, you’re talking to other callers interested in dating or erotic chat. These lines are usually paid, but not to the degree of a phone sex line.

Your trade-off is that you don’t have as much control over the activity on the other end of the conversation. If you want to tell someone what you want them to do, you’d be better off with phone sex line.

Examples: Nightline Chat, Redhot

2. Phone Sex Lines

Examples: Masturline, Mindfuck

When you call a phone sex line, you’re paying bit more for assurance that contacting a phone sex operator (PSO) gives you complete control over subject matter. The PSO will act out almost any scenario, giving you the most bang for your (elevated) buck.

Since you and the PSO are interacting directly, this option gives you both an element of control and an interactive experience, though you’re typically charged by how much time you spend.

3. Adult Webcams

Examples: LiveJasmin, Chaturbate

These cams let the viewer watch for free and then buy tokens for more interactive experiences with the models, including private shows. The upsides to this method of sex chat is that it offers both a visual and interactive experience not available with phone line chats.

The drawback is that to have control over the activity of the models, you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny on tokens.

4. Sexting Apps

Some of these may already be on your smartphone as most are not used exclusively for the purposes of sex chat. Most functions of these apps are free, though some require a paid subscription (for example,, and since they are used for a wide variety of purposes, you certainly have choices over how you use them.

The free versions of these apps have certain drawbacks; for example Tinder and the like involve seeking a willing partner for sex chat, Snapchat also (though you can follow your favorite pornstars’ stories for some softcore content). To get assurance that you’ll find what you’re looking for, you’ll have to seek a paid service that provides that.

Examples: Snapchat, Kik, Tinder

5. Sex Chat Rooms

These sites are generally paid, but everyone that uses them is looking for the same general outcome in the form of erotic chat. Since you’re going to be chatting with an amateur like yourself, your chat partner is going to be willing to talk dirty, either in chat box or over video feed (as some of the more modern sites have web cam capacity), but you won’t have the same amount of control as you would with a professional performer.

Examples: Chatavenue,

6. Roulette Style Chat Sites

These are similar to sex chat sites, only without the assurance that you’ll land on someone that wants sex chat. It may take you a bit longer to find a willing partner, but most of these services are free, so you won’t spend any excess money to do so.

Proceed with caution: many of these sites are frequented by chatters trying to shock others, due to the sites’ anonymous nature. Don’t assume anyone wants to talk dirty with you without consent, and prepare yourself to see and hear some pretty shocking things.

Examples: Chatroulette,

7. Adult Dating Sites

Think of these like the grown up version of more playful services like tinder and grindr. People use these sites to arrange affairs and dirty dealings, so if you have a noble conscience, think long and hard before you sign up for these (usually paid) services.

Examples: Ashley Madison

So there you have it. As you can see, there’s a multitude of options for every taste, preference and budget, ensuring that no matter who you are, you have options abound for sex chat. With that said, users can almost certainly find willing partners for sex chat (and more) through these avenues.

As always, promises to be your home for everything related to sex chat you could imagine: reviews, new products and more.

Girl with fetish bunny mask

Former PSO Remembers Weirdest Phone Sex Calls

As a phone sex operator, I had the opportunity to do what I loved. I had never tried it before, but I had heard my friends talk about it, and it seemed exciting. When an opportunity presented itself, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I did not hesitate to apply since the requirements that they were asking for were easy to get. After two weeks, I was called by a lady saying that I had got the opportunity. The interview happened over the phone. She asked several questions about my availability, which other languages I was familiar with, whether I was able to talk in any other accents and how many hours I’d be available per week. We also talked about the pay, and once we settled everything, I was good to start. I started the following day at night.

Some of the weirdest calls that I encountered during my career as a PSO

Well, you would think that the reason why someone would make such a call is when they want something sexually arousing and satisfying. But this is not always the case. There are those who are not one bit interested in sex. For example, there was one guy who just wanted to talk about getting his hair cut and the moment he sensed that the conversation was turning to be sexual, he would often get offended. This conversation would go on for long and several times in a week. This got annoying with time till I had to come up with an outline of how I will go about the conversation without repeating myself or hurting the poor guy. Eventually, he became my favorite, piece of cake. I could even talk to him while I was doing something else.

There are also men who like to play the role of the woman. In this case, the man wanted to act as a lesbian and me being his mother. This was creepy at first, and I was not good at it at all since I am very straight, if you know what I mean. But after doing some little research on how lesbians operate, I realized it was not all that different from what normal couples do. So when the clients called later, I was better prepared, and I could tell that by the end of the conversation, he was a happy man. I could tell that the line between reality and fantasy to him was thin, but that was up to him, I guess.

One guy, I remember who made my work time with him easy and fun was deaf. So we used to text for hours, and he was nice I often wondered why he would not just get a girl in life. He often asked about my day, my family and at one time he even got my child a present and a generous end of year tip. At times I felt sorry for him. We were already great friends, yet we had not even met face to face. This made me sad for him, but happy on the other hand since he made my work so much easier, which made me happy.

There are those guys who are just out to talk about the troubles in their lives, nothing about sex. They would pour out their heart to me, and I offered a listening ear. Well at least they did not want me to do anything weird, listening was not much of a big deal. But wait till the next time he called and I had forgotten some of the things he had said the last time, and then all hell would break loose. He would get so mad that I learn to write down everything he said so that I would not forget it the next time he called. He seemed stressed, and I guess he was just trying to look for somewhere to vent out his frustrations, but I made sure that was not with me.

Foot fetish guys would also call. All he wanted was to see my legs, and that would give him the satisfaction he needed. He wanted to see my legs when I am wearing sandals up to the thighs level. He would also ask to see me make some sexy movements, and he would seem to be happy.

However, there was one guy who scared me to death. He wanted to harm me over the phone because the things he wanted me to do were just plain crazy. This particular guy wanted me to pour vodka up my rectum which would potentially cause serious harm to me. The man was happy at the idea. I had to hang up since I could not take it anymore. The company was very understanding in this case, and they let it go.

Another one that got me thinking about my little girl was a guy who wanted me to act like a little 10-year-old child that he was having relations with. He was never interested with any adult, just children. This one was the most challenging since each time I acted like a child, my child would come into my mind. It was weird and tough at the same time, am just glad the call would last just a few minutes.

The guys who are crazy about gagging and vomiting often left me drained. By the end of the conversation I would end up feeling nauseated and my throat in pain. I would go straight to be after this caller.

I was not surprised when one guy called and wanted a lady with big boobs. But what caught my attention was how big he wanted them. He never seemed to get enough of what he could see; he just wanted me to stuff them more and more. It was hilarious looking at myself and what turned him on.

With time I got to learned that this is the kind of job, that takes resilience. Here I had to forget personal values, be able to have explicit sexual discussions and even at times go beyond what you think is not right. I cannot imagine the reaction my parents would have if they realized that I was into this kind of job, so I guess I will just have to keep that from them for now. Those who are afraid of taking on this kind of job can consider texting. There are those who want just to chat through texts for hours, and this will be easy for you. This is the opportunity for guys too.

The amount I make as a phone sex operator is very encouraging. I am thinking of joining video chats since the pay is better than this one. Well, I would have to wear what I say I am wearing, but I think it will be fun for me. The fact that those who are not affiliated with any company make a lot more is quite encouraging. Well, this I will have to think about it in the future, right now I am just not ready to start chasing after clients who refuse to pay for the services, but it is something that is defiantly worth trying.

Mysterious female holding phone in her hand

What Are Women Looking For When They Call A Chatline?

Dating as it exists today is not the same as it existed, say perhaps in the 1990s. This is because of changes in behaviors, perceptions and outlook with each generation. Further technology has been a game changer and it has given a new meaning to love, romance, flirting, or even building serious relationship. Chatting today has become one of the simplest and easiest means of communication and it has extended much beyond exchange of pleasantries and good wishes. It would therefore be exciting to find out more about the new meaning of communication in this electronic age.

So Why Do Women Chat?

When people get into chatline it is often believed that they just look for some fun and would like to spend some time talking about sex. Is this the real truth, or do people get into phone dating for some other reasons? This is a million dollar question and finding the right answer could be intriguing and challenging in more ways than one. Those who offer sex chat, phone sex and other such services would perhaps be the best resources who could perhaps give the right answer to this question.

Just To Kill Time

Most of us today are busy with our jobs and businesses during the weekdays and when it comes to weekends, singles in particular find out ways to entertain themselves. While some would like to socialize, meet friends and perhaps go for a physical date, there are others who might find all the above too boring and monotonous. For such groups of people, choosing a suitable chatline is perhaps a great option. Many of them get hooked to strangers and it is usually the opposite sex. Girls would like to share the sexiest of details with the man at the other hand. It helps them to overcome boredom and also gives a chance for the sex hormones to remain in shape.

To Talk Dirty To Strangers

Taking a cue from the bra-burners who belonged to their parents’ and grandparents’ era, many young girls and even matured and married women, would like to be adventurous as far as expressing their sexual feelings are concerned. It has been found that many women and young teenage and adolescent girls would like to be downright dirty and horny when chatting with strangers, mostly women. However, there are some women who are more inclined to the same sex and they seek comfort and solace having phone chats with their own gender. There are many women who are addicted to it and they look forward with glee to such occasions.

Some Call Just To Play Pranks

There are also many men and perhaps even some men, who like to chat and get into telephonic conversation with strangers just for the heck of it. They would like to play some pranks. Therefore if you are somebody looking for genuine love through such phone dates, you better be aware of these pranksters who could break your heart without your being aware of it.

There Are Others Looking For Serious Relationships

It would be wrong to suggest that all those who are in the chat business are all horny and waiting to just jump into the bed. There are many men and women, who are looking for genuine love. For reasons not known, they may not have found the right person with whom with whom they can establish a relationship. In fact there are quite a few of them who find their mate through such dating sites and online phone chats. Though such instances may be few and far between, it cannot be entirely ruled out.