Carol Shaya: The Cop That Created A Chatline

Carol Shaya As A Police Officer

Twenty-two years ago this month, a young cop named Carol Shaya made headlines that rocked the nation. And it wasn’t for something related to police work either– it was for an altogether different line of “work” that the police force usually don’t dabble with.

Carol Shaya posed for nudie pics on Playboy.

Carol Shaya Playboy Magazine Cover

In hindsight, this “discretion” seem a little tame by today’s standards. Surely, there are worse things that a police officer can do in her spare time that are more scandalous than posing for a few shots in a porno mag. As a woman living in the US of A, the land of the free, Shaya is surely entitled to do with whatever she wishes with her body?

But it wasn’t that simple. Some of Shaya’s pictures in Playboy involved her skimpily dressed in what is clearly a police officer’s uniform, with her shirt button strategically opened to display her chest. And on the cover of the magazine itself, the words “NYPD NUDE” were prominently displayed, and Shaya still in the same sexy uniform with the same slightly-opened shirt. It was on the lower end of the risque scale, but since Shaya was a real life cop working for the NYPD, it seemed as if she was representing her office on Playboy’s pages.

As expected, the higher ups at the NYPD weren’t too excited about one of their own being involved in such an enterprise. Shaya was eventually dismissed from office (her posing for a nudie mag was deemed as a violation of NYC’s City Charter and the NYPD’s own department rules); and she was also charged by her own department for improper use of a police uniform and logo, as well as for unauthorized off-duty employment (she was paid $100,000 by Playboy for the shoot).

Shaya did try to counter-sue though, but this was unsuccessful. The court still upheld the cases against her. She wasn’t able to return to work as a police officer.

But while her career in the police force was prematurely cut short, Carol Shaya eventually moved on to greener pastures. And one of those pastures is pretty similar to what she did in that Playboy gig.

Just take a look at the video below.

Riding on the “notoriety” she gained from the Playboy fiasco, Shaya created her own sexy chatline. Looking through the video, the chatline seems to have a unique take on the sexy phone hotline concept.

“Remember Carol Shaya, ex-New York City police officer?” a sultry voice asks. There’s a clip of Shaya herself, in her blue police uniform.

“Now’s your chance to call Carol and talk to all of her friends…”

And there’s a whole bunch of other girls who, like Shaya, are also part of other professional fields. There’s one who’s supposed to be a firefighter, a fitness instructor, and a doctor.

The voice encourages viewer to call the number on the screen to “…find out what’s really happening, both on the job- and off.”

All in all, life turned out to be quite okay for Carol Shaya. She has a few bit pieces in the police drama New York Undercover, and also starred in a direct-to-video film called Silent Pray in 1997. The last known update of her was in 2004, when the New York Times reported that she was working in real estate.