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Teenagers Are Lurking on Phone Chat Lines

Look Out For Minors Using Phone Chat Lines

Phone dating chat lines are meant for adults – and for adults only. Every chat line we’ve ever reviewed here at the chatline guide emphasizes their 18+ policy as part of their intro greeting. In spite of such warnings, there are often minors — most commonly teenage girls — found browsing the lines. Chatline USA […]

Young woman on the phone laughing in response to pick up line

Best Pick Up Lines to Break the Ice Over the Phone

Calling a chat line is a great way to get a chance to chat with hundreds of women, yet knowing what to say to break the ice and get her to really start communicating can be intimidating for the novice chatline caller. How do you stand out from the crowd of guys hoping to catch […]

Woman using smartphone while sitting on the toilet

People Check Their Smartphones During the Most Bizarre Situations

It has become almost impossible to find a public place where someone is not checking his or her smartphone. This shows how people are becoming more and more dependent on smartphones. What’s even more surprising is that use of smartphones has even become a regular part of private moments. According to a recently conducted survey, […]

Recording call on Smartphone

How To Record A Phone Call Conversation

If you’ve ever called pretty much any type of business, you’re probably well aware your call may be recorded for quality assurance or training purposes. Commercial phone systems are costly, complicated and built for functionality, but sometimes, the rest of us might need to record a call, too. Here are a few ways you can! […]

A group of friends laughing while prank calling local business

Funny Prank Call Ideas To Try Next Time You Are Bored

Prank calls have been a popular way to pass a dull evening since the telephone became a household item. While time-tested classics like “is your refrigerator running” and “do you have Prince Albert in a can” are still pretty amusing if you happen to catch someone off guard, people’s mindsets and senses of humor have […]

Telephone call recording equipment

Is It Legal To Record A Phone Conversation?

There are many reasons why someone might want to record a phone call. Businesses do it all the time “for quality assurance purposes”, while individuals may want to record calls in order to remember important information or simply keep a record of a particular exchange of communication. On a dating chatline, for example, callers may […]

Phone Chat with Less Cash

Chat on the Cheap: How To Save The Most Money on Chatlines

Phone chat lines gives you the opportunity to spice things up in your dating life, nonetheless, this doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Following theses tips will help you save money on chat lines. Maximize your free trials Many chat lines offer free trials to new users. The first phone call is free, and […]

John Mayer a Genius

John Mayer Has An Idea To Make Waiting On Hold A Little Less Boring

A simple tweet by singer songwriter John Mayer caused a flood of comments and over 100,000 retweets. Mayer’s idea? Let people calling customer service talk to each other while waiting on hold. They should let everyone on hold with customer service talk to one another. — John Mayer (@JohnMayer) October 4, 2017 Although Mayer did […]

Sexy Phone Operator

How to Sound Sexy On the Phone

Using only her voice, a masterful PSO can make her customer’s imagination go wild and make him think he is talking with the woman of his fantasies. She is a voice actress that can immitate a sexual goddess regardless of how she actually looks like in real life. The phone sex industry is large. Millions […]

Sexy Star Wars Nerd Parody

1-900-HOT-JEDI: Playboy’s Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Chat Line Parody

Who’s Your Daddy Luke?Darth Vader A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… there was a sexy Yoda willing to fulfill your every desire… We found this hilarious phone sex line parody starring the classic Start Wars characters. The video mimics the format of vintage commercials advertising phone sex hotlines during late night […]

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