Phone Dating: How a “Chemistry Check” Can Help You Find the Right Partner

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just planned with your chatline-dating match to meet up for a date on a Friday at 7.00 pm. You decide to text them at 5.00 pm, suggesting that cool mixology saloon that you love and conveniently located near your apartment. You’ve now waited for over an hour and still no reply.

That’s when you get perturbed, and myriad questions start running through your mind. Is that a red flag that the date wasn’t ever going to happen? Does he hate saloons? Was I too pushy, trying to suggest the location where we could meet up?

These are some of the questions that can lower your self-esteem in your pursuit of a romantic partner through phone dating apps. Perhaps if you had used another approach, things could have turned out as planned [or even better]. It’s a flaky behavior that you can avoid by taking your smartphone and phone your match for a chemistry check.

How Helpful is a Chemistry Check?

One thing about phone conversations is that you can feel the mood, tone, and general personality of your partner on the other end of the line. After phone dating for a while, calling your potential match can offer great insights into whether the two of you share something or things in common. Usually, the chemistry you get from talking with your prospective partner on a chatline is precisely what you get when you meet them in person.

You only need to speak to them for about three or five minutes to know whether you both feel each other’s vibe or not. Most people confuse chemistry checks for an interview session. That’s not the way to go. It would help if you kept the conversation playful and casual. Make the conversation a fun and friendly way of knowing your date shallowly. Save the more in-depth questions for the moment when you meet face-to-face.

Practical Tips for Perfecting Your “Chemistry Check” Phone Call

Today, there are many text-format platforms that you can use to create a connection with your online-dating-app partner. These include mails, text messages, and WhatsApp. When it comes to phone dating, phone calls are an effective means of knowing your potential partner well. Besides, calls evoke the longing to see the person you’ve just heard their voice.

Because you still haven’t met the person face-to-face, the initial ‘chemistry check’ call can make you feel anxious and nervous. It would be best if you were well-poised because you cannot delete the words you speak verbally.

Below are useful tips to help you capture your match with your first conversation on the phone;

1. Find a Spot with Good Network

Imagine how embarrassing it would be if your first call to your phone app partner were to end abruptly because of a bad network connection. Don’t compromise on anything. Find a place with excellent mobile reception, or use a landline.

2. Be Lively

As mentioned earlier, your partner can easily notice your mood by listening to your voice. A cheerful voice will make them associate your it with the current interest they have in you. They’ll find you more attractive. You cannot depend on facial expressions; all you have is the enthusiasm exuded by your voice and tone.

3. Make Your Match Feel at Ease

When you hit the phone dating chatline to speak to your match, try to make them feel welcomes and that you are delighted to talk to them. You can do that by complimenting what they say. For example, when they ask you a question, you can reply with: “That’s a good question?” The more relaxed you make them, the better the conversation.

4. Avoid One-Word Replies

Try and avoid short replies when your match asks you a question. Instead, take that opportunity to explain more about yourself – things you like and don’t like, something like that. When you are asked a question like “How was your day?” you need to detail how the day was, what you did, what excited or annoyed you about the day. Being elaborate gives life to the conversation.

Finding a potential match is one thing, but sparking that chemistry remains solely upon you. Take advantage of the first chemistry-check call to get to know your partner better. Phone chat lines offer effective chatlines, where you can find a partner, women can register for free, and men can call using the trial period. Put the above tips to practice on the initial call and make the best first impression.