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Attractive male lying down while talking into his mobile phone

What Are Men Looking For When Calling A Chatline?

De-stressing and unwinding comes in different forms and shapes and not all of us have the same approach. For many men, sex is a great way to de-stress both mind and body. It may not be always possible to get the right girl for that fabulous act perhaps on the rear of their car or […]

Mysterious female holding phone in her hand

What Are Women Looking For When They Call A Chatline?

Dating as it exists today is not the same as it existed, say perhaps in the 1990s. This is because of changes in behaviors, perceptions and outlook with each generation. Further technology has been a game changer and it has given a new meaning to love, romance, flirting, or even building serious relationship. Chatting today […]

Protected: Chatline Callers Share Their Phone Dating Fantasies

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Economics of Sex: The Mating Market

The Economics of Sex: What Motivates Sexual Behavior in Men and Women

Based on a research paper entitled Sexual Economics: Sex as Female Resource for Social Exchange in Heterosexual Interactions by Roy F. Baumeister from Florida State University’s Psychology Department and Kathleen D. Vohs a faculty member of the University of British Columbia’s Marketing Division, this insightful animated short which was produced by the Austin Institute for […]

Bathtub Scene Adobe Phone Sex Line

1-900-U-Update: Adobe’s Latest Promo Urges Photoshop Users to Update

There’s a hot new update for Photoshop. Adobe’s latest ad is a spoof on the various phone sex advertisements that run on television during the wee hours of the morning. Taking a cue from the numerous phone sex TV adverts that plague national television and internet, Adobe designed an advertisement that replicates the tone as […]

Dominant Phone Sex Leather Fetish

1985 Phone Sex Over the Phone Music Video by The Village People

Every generation thinks they were the first to open up the topic of sexuality into mainstream media. The original kings of disco — The Village People — made phone sex the topic of their 1985 Album “Phone Sex Over the Phone”. Looks like people where interested in cyber sex well before cell phones, webcams and […]

Meeting on video chat for the first time

Now You Can Meet New People on Video Chat Too

As part of our continuous effort to bring you the best live chat experience, we are happy to introduce a brand new category to our website, video chat sites. Video chat sites work very similarly to phone chat lines, two strangers are connected at random and allowed to chat. If either party clicks on “next”, […]

The Wrecking Ball Guy on Chatroulette

Steve Kardynal Surprised Chatrouletters As He Recorded Their Reactions for his Parody of Miley Cirus’ Wrecking Ball

Steve Kardynal did it again! This time the internet celebrity went to popular video chat randomizer chatroulette to record user’s reactions used in his parody of Miley Cirus’ Wrecking Ball music video which went viral on social media. The YouTube video has more than 150 million views and counting. Steve Kardynal is the star behind […]

The New Talk121 Is Better Than Ever

The popular chatline Talk121 is being reintroduced to the market. Talk121 is owned by media telecommunications company Telemania. They’ve upgraded not only the chatline’s image but also it’s infrastructure. Talk121 is one of the most popular chatlines in the US. While most other major chatlines have already updated their image, Talk121 still had a old […]

Phone Sex Operators Smoking a Cigarette

The Secret Life Of Phone Sex Operators

Talking to strangers about sex takes a bit of bravado. It is exciting for the caller sure, but contrary to the shared belief, it can be exciting for the operator as well. Sharing your fantasies with a complete stranger – even if they are make-believe and pay your bills – is a weird but ultimately […]

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