Recording the Perfect Chatline Greeting

More and more singles are calling dating chatlines to meet people, have fun and fall in love. Joining a dating chatline is easy. You just dial the number of your chatline of choice and follow the instructions to set up your account. At some point during this process you will be asked to record a greeting for your profile.

Your greeting is really important as it is the first impression you’ll give to potential dates. The right greeting will attract more interest which, in turn gives you more choice. Recording a greeting can be intimidating, especially if you are shy. So its best to think about what you are going to say before you record. Take a few minutes to design a greeting that stands out from the crowd. Write in on a piece of paper and fine tune it until you are satisfied. Only you will know when your greeting is ready to be recorded.

Remember to take a deep breath and smile before making your recording; your smile can be heard over the phone! Speak clearly and at a comfortable volume. Practice your greeting a few times before recording it. If you are not satisfied with your greeting you can always record another one. You should sound confident (but not cocky), friendly and maybe even a little bit flirty. Avoid coming across as boring, sad, angry or desperate as you will only scare people away. Put the best version of yourself forward while staying genuine and true to yourself.

Here are some examples chatline greeting for guys and for girls.