Men Be Careful When Disputing Chatline Charges

Disgruntled wife disputing husbands chatline charges on the phone

Disgruntled wife disputing husbands chatline charges on the phone

Many people like to complain about unauthorized charges to their credit cards. However, if you’re covering the fact that you’ve been calling a chatline to someone and the charges are legitimate, you have to be careful: chatline companies record your voice when you are buying a subscription.

Here is what usually happens between couples that dispute these charges:

The wife sees a unknown charge on their shared credit card statement and calls the bank. The bank explain the charge comes from a chatline company. When the wife ask the husband if he’s been calling a dating chatline, the husband denies it to safe face, swearing to her he didn’t call.

She believes him and calls the chatline customer service number to dispute the charge. The chatline plays back a recording of the husband ordering the service. The wife is devastated not only because the husband called a chatline, but because he lied about not having called. The wife never trusts the husband the same way again.

If you don’t want this to be you, you have two options:

1. Dont call a chatline if you are married.

Yes. This is obvious. So many men call dating chatlines without imagining the consequences. Imagine how upset your wife would be if she’d find out you’ve been chatting with other women. If you really love your wife, try to abstain yourself from calling.

2. Make sure you hide your number from your phone bill.

You can prevent calls to a chatline from appearing on your statement by adding a second line to your smartphone using an app such as Google Voice or Burner. Call the chatlines exclusively from your second line.

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