Why Chatlines Allow Women To Talk For Free (and Not Men)

Attractive woman lying on a blue carpet talking on the phone

The world is skewed. Life is not fair. Yes, most of us already know and accept that. But there’s something that a majority of people ( particularly men ) still struggle to come to terms with; why phone chatlines allow women to talk for free. If anything, a few months ago a dissatisfied client of a popular single’s chatline took to social media to air out his frustration over something he termed as ‘unjustified biassed tendency’ of the modern day dating platform. ( Sic ).

But dear single, engaged, divorced and married men, here is something you need to understand.

While there is no denying that the mere notion that some people ( women ) use for free what you ( man ) cough a premium for is irksome, there are several good and logical reasons for this. For starters, how would you feel if you picked up your phone one boring and cheerless evening and called a party line with the hope of chatting up some equally lonely female only to find out ( to your utter disappointment ) that no one was available to talk to you? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here, really.

Since time immemorial, women and the female species at large have always had the upper hand when it comes to male-female sexual relationships. Yes, men might rule over expansive kingdoms and empires but will still worship at the altar of queens if at all there hope to perpetuate their generation. It’s simple; the woman holds the final card when it comes to deciding whether any relations ( be they physical, emotional or social ) between the two parties happen. Ever heard of the phrase that no man ever ‘friendzones’ a female willingly?

And come to think of it, that’s why most services or avenues that are hellbent towards bringing men and women together will often favour the fairer sex. Remember those frat parties back in college? Where the girls would be allowed in free of charge, and you ( the guy ) would be required to come in with ‘incentives’ such a bottle of rum or hard vodka or a roll of weed or packets of cigarettes? How about your favourite Friday joint that allows a barrage of free drinks to the ladies, while you ( the man ) has to fork out some serious cash to enjoy the same? We dare not forget the notorious dance clubs at the corner of our favourite streets which always has a striking neon-lit sign saying, ‘Ladies Free Before Midnight.’

All the above are just some of the few scenarios that demonstrate the immense power women wield over the success or failure of social girl-boy settings. And men being men, know how to take advantage of this in the best ways possible. If you want guys to turn up ( and pay to attend ), anything socially-oriented just get as many ladies as possible to that event. The tickets will be sold out even before you spell ‘debauchery’.

But this begs the question, how comes this indirect favoritism works so well especially in today’s modern settings?

The answer – whether you agree to this or not – we all to some extent subscribe to the legendary caveman mentality or instinct if you wish.

Truth be told, even if statistics shows that there are currently more women than men on the planet, any sensible man knows that the number of quality females on the same planet is just but a fraction of the number of able guys. Competition is real, fellas. And that’s why you’ll often find many men will line up to impress a few quality ( beautiful/hot/sensual/educated/smart etc. ) women. It’s a survival instinct deeply ingrained in our DNAs. No wants to leave behind ‘low-quality offspring’ for descendants. We all aspire the best, and sadly, the best is limited.

Far from that, another explanation for this would be the fact that generally, men find it harder to initiate sexual or social relationships with the opposite sex than females. Any man who has ever tried ( and failed ) to unsuccessfully woo a girl can easily attest to this. So we will gladly pay for any promising prospect of sex without asking any questions. After all, we already know that it doesn’t come easy! So like bars and social parties, men frequent dating chat lines mainly with the intention of improving their chances of getting laid.

In contrast, women have it easy all the way. So it’s highly unlikely for a woman to pay to talk to men through a chatline phone service while she’s otherwise always inebriated and showered with attention wherever she turns to. Get the drift?