How to Improve Your Telephonic Communication Skills

improve communication skills

Did you know that Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day on their phones? How crazy is that! 

With the pandemic starting last year, no wonder people rely on their phones to come together! What is even being present anymore when you have FaceTime or texting? 

Or you’re here because you want to spice things up a bit with your lady or lad friend you met at a bar? 

Let’s start by breaking things down first. 

Evolution of Communication: From Face to Phone

Have you ever noticed how back then there weren’t many technologies? Of course, you have! And have you ever noticed how kids used to go outside more? Remember hopscotch? 

Around the time era as early as the 18th and 19th century, people have usually met up in person and would chat for hours. Some would stop by for a quick chat, much like how teachers are doing it today. 

Except now adolescents prefer texting or phone calls. Adults and children today are adapting to modern technology. 

Men back then have wooed women in creative and quirky ways. But adolescent young men now say, “You tryna smash?” (Don’t take this literally.) 

I’m sure you’re aware of how phones were back then when there were no apps, just plain ole dialling numbers. Some people have had to use both of their hands to talk on the phone! 

Around this time Morse Code was developed which is a way to send messages over telegraphy. People have also used something like smoke signals to deliver short messages.

Point made, there were interesting ways to communicate but in-person contact remained significant. 

So What Changed? 

My two cents: phone sex and social media. 

Back in the 19th century, something like phone sex, sexting, or sending nudes didn’t exist. And you wonder when it has started

Of course, there are also women like Marilyn Monroe who represented as an attractive 3D figurine during her time in the industry. 

If you’re a woman reading this, you probably have been sent an inappropriate photo from a random guy on the internet. 

And if you ask your mother or grandmother they’ve ever been sent an interesting photo from a guy regarding his little friend, chances are they would say no. 

So what happened? Why has it become normal to send nudes or have phone sex?

When you think about it, “sexting” has actually dated back long before around the Paleolithic period.

Why Do Some People Choose to Have Phone Sex? 

Any guesses you have may as well be correct.

The joy of secrecy and intimacy from something almost anonymous. The excitement you get when you hear someone’s voice. 

Imagine being alone in your bedroom and having phone sex with someone you met on Tinder. Can you feel yourself getting nervous and excited? Can you feel yourself craving more? 

Maybe you’ve already seen what he or she looks like and listening to their voices as they make sounds and say arousing things really gets you going. Phone sex is also convenient, safe, and fun in its own way. 

With no penetration involved, there’s no concern for diseases and pregnancy, it’s straight up chit-chat and roleplay. Flirting is also much easier as some may find it cringe to flirt in person. 

Phone sex is also a way to stimulate arousal for those who want to get excited but can’t afford to meet up. This is extremely convenient for adolescents or even adults who don’t want to get caught or even towards long-distance. 

Phone sex is also about intimacy with the person being present and not present at the same time. Now that we’re told to quarantine, all the more reason to try phone sex!  

Other Advantages of Phone Calls Other Than Talking and Phone Sex

Phone calls can provide relief and comfort and it’ll feel as if someone is there.

ChatlineGuide is a phone dating company that provides phone dating most safely and cleanly as possible. They provide honest chatlines, contain no malware, and no annoying ads.

Their focus is on providing you fun, company, and entertainment where you have options to choose from. Their page also discusses the healthy benefits of sex play so you don’t have to worry about being nervous and scared. 

Phone calls allow people to be honest in ways they can’t express in person. This can also be true towards phone sex when you don’t feel confident enough to let your partner see you.  

How To Improve Telephonic Communication Skills?

So you’re unsure how to start or what to say. That’s perfectly okay. Here are some ways to help:

1. Speaking as Clear as Possible

In other words, avoid using medical jargon.

Sometimes we say things and expect others to know what we’re talking about. This would be true if you’re really close to them. 

But upon the arrival of someone new, you best be straightforward and polite about your wants.  So when you’re starting out, you can say something, “I’d like for us to try this out slowly.” 

Don’t expect them to read your mind! 

2. Become an Active Listener

Don’t just nod (even if they can’t see you!) and go “uh-huh,” “yeah.” 

Show you are listening and this will make the person be more interested and will want to engage with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. 

Pro Tip: If you noticed someone seems edgy and just want to “get on with it” then consider finding someone else who isn’t sex-driven. 

3. Establish Boundaries and Know Your Limits

This is true for any relationship. 

When you communicate your desires you want to make sure the other person respects your needs.

Understand what makes you comfortable. Try out new things when you want to and not when you are feeling pressured to. Do NOT ignore any red flags just to maintain the status quo. 

An example of a red flag could be someone guilt-tripping you into sending a nude pic or manipulation. Trust your gut.

I get it, you’re afraid to “ruin” things or be blamed for, but never be afraid to speak up. Your safety and comfort are to be prioritized. 

4. Know That Not Everything Is What It Seems

This isn’t a Wizards of Waverly Place reference either for those who watch Disney Channel. Maintaining friendliness and caution would be beneficial.

Another pro tip: Please don’t be naive. Just because someone has a sweet or sexy voice doesn’t mean they’re good people.

5. Mutual Understanding and Support

By the end of the day, you and someone else are looking for the same thing. What better way is that than to come to an understanding and supporting one another? 

Be direct with what you want and know that you can get to where you want! Nothing wishy-washy.

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