The Donut Chatlines, What They Are and How They Work

The Donut Chatline

The Donut Chatline

The Donut chatlines by are the only chat lines offered to the public totally free! Other chatlines do offer free trials, but will try get your credit card on file and start to charge you by the minute after your trial is over. Before you know it, you’ve lost track of the time and you’ve racked up a ton of credit card charges that you didn’t expect and don’t really want to pay! The good news is that you no longer have to go through a whole complicated process to talk to other people and have a good time. All you have to do is have a telephone and dial onto your local Donut chatline.

The nice thing about using Donut is that it is a totally safe way to chat to other people (as long as you dont share personal information). If you’re new to the service, this is just a normal phone call. Donuts are completely open to the public; you can use it any time as long as you have a working phone. The donut chatline offers free phone chat, and as a result, the service is not screened. Users must use their own judgment when it comes to chatting over the phone. Donut chatlines requires callers to be over 18 to use this service, that you agree to never give out your personal phone number while using this service, you agree to never give out your name, and you never give out your address. This is obviously to protect your safety and to prevent those who use the service from tracking you down online, calling you at your home, or knowing where you live. Safety and personal protection is of the utmost importance. requires that users agree to abide by these rules in order to participate in the chatline service. There are absolutely no charges for using this service and no hidden fees. Donut chatlines are a hidden gem. The chatline is not heavily advertised and does not charge, but because of this, they might not be as crowded as the maintstream chatlines like Livelinks or QuestChat! Yes, the service is not moderated, but as long as you never give out personal information or your social media information to others, this is not a problem.

There are absolutely no charges for using this service and no hidden fees.

CB Live Personals is one of the most popular choices for users. You can also go to and post a photo of yourself and view the photos of others. However, you do not need to go to in order to use the service; you just need to call the phone number!

Users have their choice of back rooms and front rooms. If you’re in a room chatting with someone and you want to chat privately, you can swap the 3 digit code you received at the beginning and then pressing the ‘star’ key. This will likely work the best. You can also choose to hit 3 then 5, 3 then 6, or 3 then 7 at the same time, and the computer will hook you up in a private room. This does run the risk of you going into a private room with someone else than the person you wish to go in the room with, so it’s best to swap the code if you want to be sure you’ll both be getting into the same room.

If you’re live and you want to go to back rooms, press 10 through 30. If you want to go to the Bulletin Board, press 2. If you want to go to Personals, press 4. If you’re live and you want to go to the CB Live Personals, press 3 and you’ll go there. Press 9 to go to the Directory and press 8 in a live room to see how many people are in the room and a voice will tell you (and only you) how many people are in the room. You can also create your own personal room be pressing the pound key, with your own code and pin code to enter. You can also tell your friends and have your own room no one else knows about.

Have some fun and chat with people you know or people you don’t with Donut Chatlines from! There are local numbers for some major cities for added convenience. Life can need a little excitement from time to time. Free phone chat is a great way to shake up your Saturday night and meet new people! Go to to find out more!

These are the main Donut chatline numbers:

Phoenix, AZ Donut: (712) 432-8848
Tucson, AZ Donut: (712) 432-3509
Hartford, CT Donut: (218) 895-2165
Tallahassee, FL Donut: (712) 432-3507
Baltimore, MD Donut: (218) 844-3724
Bronx, NY Donut: (218) 237-4494
Brooklyn, NY Donut: (218) 237-4493
Manhattan, NY Donut: (218) 237-4492
New York, NY Donut: (218) 237-4077
Queens, NY Donut: (218) 237-4495
Staten Island, NY Donut: (218) 237-4496
Cleveland, OH Donut: (218) 862-3796
Providence, RI Donut: (218) 895-2160
Seattle, WA Donut: (712) 432-8833
American, WA Donut: (712) 432-3505