Now You Can Meet New People on Video Chat Too

Meeting on video chat for the first time

As part of our continuous effort to bring you the best live chat experience, we are happy to introduce a brand new category to our website, video chat sites.

Video chat sites work very similarly to phone chat lines, two strangers are connected at random and allowed to chat. If either party clicks on “next”, the session ends and a new cam match is presented.

Many celebrities have appeared on random cam chat sites such as chatoulette and omegle. Internet Celebrity Kardynal surprised video chat line broadcasters as part of a music video parody productions. You never know who you will find when you use this fun and highly addictive services.

On this section we ranked and reviewed the best video chat websites. To make it into this list, the sites need to pass a few criteria:

  1. 1. Sites should not be pornographic in nature.
  2. 2. Sites should have a considerable amount of users.
  3. 3. Sites should be free or at least offer a free trial.
  4. 4. Sites should not be promoting other adult cam sites.

The purpose of The Chatline Guide is to bring you legitimate services with real opportunities to meet exciting new people. For that reason, we decided to leave out any adult webcam chat sites.

Please note that video cam sites are very hard to moderate, and as such you may encounter some broadcasters violating the terms of the site. If you do, please report them as they only lower the quality of the services.

We hope you like our list. Random video chat sites are a relatively new technology. Chatroulette, our number 1 ranked service was created just a few years ago in 2009 by 17 year old boy in Russia. There is still huge room for improvement in this industry and we will keep on updating the list as new services come out and others fall out of favor. If you have any suggestions for sites we might have missed, please, let us know. At the chatline guide we are community, and we value your input.