Alternative Uses For Phone Chatlines

Alternative Applications for Phone Chatlines

Alternative Applications for Phone Chatlines

As much as chatlines are seen by a majority as an avenue for finding that ‘special’ someone, there are many unseen and alternative uses attached to them. Some of them include:

1. To Practice Your Communication Skills

Chatlines provide a safe and secure avenue for someone who’s otherwise shy or socially anxious to polish up her interpersonal interaction skills. Something that can actually get in the way of landing a mate or simply acing that interview to that coveted job that requires excellent oratory skills.

Speaking of which, if you look at it keenly, ( particularly for guys ) dating lines can be a valuable platform to horn your ‘hunting’ skills. And this is something I have learned from both observation and experience. The idea of talking to a complete stranger and keeping the conversation fire burning even if it’s for just a couple of minutes is an invaluable gift of garb especially in a day and age dominated by instant messaging apps.

Ask any woman today who has ever tried meeting guys via chat rooms, and they will gladly tell you of their disappointed when the reality falls short of meeting their expectations. I’m not talking about the perceived physical attributes ( most women can be accommodating as long as you’re decent enough) but about the oratory deficiency. As it so happens, the charming and funny guy who wins your heart in the chatroom can barely hold a lively conversation for more than a few seconds in person, when you two finally decide to meet for coffee.

And this doesn’t have only to be in the context of love or romantic relationships. Even in purely platonic settings, you still need a way with your words if you want to spice up life around you at all. Human beings are generally social creatures; the crown always goes to the man or woman who expresses themselves in a fluent, candid and charming manner. What’s a better way of polishing up your oratory skills than by hitting up a few strangers and engaging them in a friendly conversation?

2. To Get Unbiased Advice from Non-Subjective People

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you feel you could use a nugget of wisdom from a impartial individual. Leave alone your office or marriage counselor who probably even knows the nitty gritty of your personal life. No, I’m talking about a total stranger who doesn’t know anything about you – not even how you look like. From experience, such people typically make the best advisers/confidants when it comes to dishing out meaningful jewels of wisdom.

Again, in such a controlled environment, you’re the one to choose how much you want to reveal as opposed to what happens when you go a friend/co-worker for advice. In the latter case, ( as it so naturally occurs ), the friend in question will, first of all, analyse your past life, then use it as a benchmark to advise you. Some will even go to the extent of misadvising you for personal gain or just to see you fail. Mostly, this is rarely any helpful nor insightful.

On the other hand, an anonymous person rarely has anything to gain ( or lose ) when giving out his own unique opinion or advice. And such a different point of view might be just what you need to see things from another angle.

3. To Make New Friends (Both Male and Female)

Do you know why modern ‘girl-boy relationships’ have become such a bore? It’s because nowadays people approach new friendships with the opposite sex with the narrow-mindedness of either hoping to have them for themselves or, at least, sleep with them. This kind of premeditated expectations/assumption is the greatest cause of social anxiety in many settings today. If the current trends are anything to go by, most men today can’t speak confidently to a pretty girl ( without fumbling aimlessly ) because half of the time they are wondering if she like them enough. The result is the current generation of smartphone addicts who only communicate via texts messages.

Fortunately, however, the good ‘ol chatlines remain the only avenue where you can interact with other men and women without being viewed through the lens of a having hidden sexual intentions. If anything, some people have become lifelong besties with people of the opposite sex just via chatline services. Never mind the fact that sometimes these people never get around to meet in real-life – heck, at times, they are virtually continents apart. But the notion that you have an anonymous best friend to call regardless of what is happening around you is just priceless.

4. As A Therapeutic Platform to Vent Out For When Life Gives You Lemons

The best thing about talking to a complete stranger ( about your problems ) is that they rarely judge you or your situation by jumping to conclusions. It is also the reason people hire therapists to help them dissect their love and professional lives despite having tens of friends and family members around them.

It’s only natural to want to vent out when life throws you a curve ball you can’t handle, and a chatline agency can be your best option especially when other aspects of your life are already crumbling away. So instead of burdening the people around you with new baggage, why not start afresh with a new circle of ‘personal therapists’ with whom you can share and analyze the woes of our sordid modern life?

5. To Conduct Anonymous Market Research

Anonymity can be a blessing in disguise, especially when you’re trying to get people to open about the private details of their lives. In fact, research shows that people are five times likely to be honest with a complete stranger than with someone they’ve known for some time. Therefore, if you’re trying to conduct research of some sort, or just gauge people’s opinion/sentiments, then a chatline service can prove to be a gem. The mere assurance that you’re not going to disclose the personal identity of the person you interview can be a motivating factor in getting them to open up about even the most personal aspects of their lives.

Remember that you can always enjoy the benefits of using phone chatlines by claiming an entirely free trial. Give it a try.

Can you think about any other alternative uses for chatline? Lets talk about it in the comments below.