Chatline Controversies and Liabilities

Chatlines are a friend, and an enemy of the society. To some, it is the best thing that keeps them connected to their friends, and it also helps to expose them to different aspects. To others, chatlines are a nightmare, which has caused them serious problems. One major role that chatlines has played is connecting strangers from around the world. People socialize a lot over the dating chatlines which mostly meant for adult conversation. It is used to hook up singles, and any other persons having a mutual interest, typically an intimate interest. Chatlines are sectioned into different categories such as gay chatlines, spanish chatlines, urban chatlines and more.

Some of the leading chatlines in the US include:

1. QuestChat
Questchat is a leading chat line for singles. This site helps singles to hook up their fellow single matches, whom they can freely meet, and maybe start a relationship. This site lets users load their photos, upload videos, it allows for live voice chats, as well as text chats. It lets users meet matches locally and internationally too.

2. FonoChat
This is a leading Latin chat lines, which lets users meet their preferred Latin matches. Fonochat lets you try it freely, and you will be hooked up with a Latino around your area. The call lines are also free, when you need to make your orders. The place has a number of packages to choose from, according to what you decide.

3. LiveLinks
This is another top chat line that hooks up straight singles from around the world. You can meet singles around your area. Livelinks offers a free trial so you can test the system for 30 minutes.

Chatline Controversies

There has been a lot of controversies related to the dating chatlines, especially on theThe chatlines have a whole lot of users who are under age, and it has been a major concern to the society as a whole.

Rape Cases – There has been a lot of rape cases involved in these chat lines. What really happens is that the victim meets with the person, only known online, and the situation gets riskier. Here, the accused, usually a male person, will trick the victim, a young girl mostly, to meet, and the worst happens thereafter.

Chatline Rape

On May 2014, a 49-year-old Lincoln County resident was charged with statutory rape of a girl younger than 14 years old.

Underage Sex – Even though the chat lines set an minimum age limit, there are a number of underage, mostly girls, and with this, they have been a raised number of dangers.

Murder – One time or another, there has been murder danger involved with the situations. Some girls have been murdered, typically because of refusal to comply with the accused demands. This has raised a lot of concerns, and it is mostly because people meet at unsecure places.

How Chat Lines Avoid Liability

As new rules or laws are implemented by the FCC or the federal government respectively, the major chatlines that a offer free trial will hire teams of attorneys to carefully analyze every potential legal risk, and find solutions to mitigate them. This makes the chatlines virtually immune to litigation.

Whenever there is a case involved in these situations, the chatlines are mostly held responsible for all the liabilities. The problem comes in when the chatlines defend themselves. Whenever they are called, they would play a disclaimer saying that they are not responsible for personal meetings. They also say that they don’t pre-screen their callers and are assume no responsibility for personal encounter. This makes it difficult to be possible to sue them.

In cases of under age sex, the chat lines protect themselves by citing that they do not allow users under the age of 18 to join their service. Technically, it might be difficult to know if a user is lying, because the chat line will assume that the user is over 18.

If you’ve been affected by a chatline, it might be difficult to sue the parent company. The chat lines let users meet freely, and even though this is the place where many people are abused, both emotionally and physically, the chat lines still stay protected. The point here being that the chat lines do not force people to join the platform. It only gives great offers, which might be luring, but it is ultimately the person’s decision to call.