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Who Is It For?

MegaMates is a voice personals and a telephone dating service that is used by singles, who are 18 years and above, to find a soulmate in their local city. The phone dating service provides a platform for gays, bi-sexual, heterosexuals and lesbians to look for sexy and hot lovers in their metropolitan. The Chatline allows its users to listen to ads, leave a voice message, reply to ads and chat with other singles looking for love in their city. Its members are able to socialize, connect, and date each other through the personals service.


Direct Connection: MegaMates allow singles to connect with each other even if one individual is not live, but is available for connection. This is an easy and faster way to meet with the one you love rather than using dating websites.

Message Retrieval: One does not have to be on the phone throughout. Once you receive a message, it is always saved on your mailbox and you can retrieve it the next time you’re ready for a phone chat.

Free Live chat Invites and messages: Unlike other dating companies where one is charge on being invited for a chat, MegaMates does not charge users who are invited. Members are also allowed to send unlimited messages to singles they want to connect with.

Computerized Matching: More fun is experienced on the way one gets his/her perfect match using the computerized system. The system is able to recognize someone with his/her voice. These features take phone dating to another level.

Live Chat: This is the fastest way their users get to connect with each other. Members browse the profiles of hot and sexy singles online, and upon identifying their type, they send a chat request. Alternatively, you can send a priority message to a person you’re interested in and you’re guaranteed to get a feedback.


MegaMates offer unlimited subscriptions to its users. Daily unlimited call subscription goes for $11.99, $23.99 per for 1 week and a total of $49.99 for a whole month. All this unlimited call subscriptions come along with unlimited priority messages.

Free trials: Though MegaMates does no free trials to new users; it offers more free features than any other chatline. Its packages are relatively cheap and generous when compared to other chatline companies.

Paid Membership Perks: MegaMates believed that there a there a personality in one’s voice. The company therefore allows its members to air their voice into the chat room. This increases the chance of making a great connection. Members can also change their public message as many times as they wish and send unlimited messages to hot guys and girls in the chat line.

Score: Due to its excellent subscription packages, MegaMates scores 4 stars out of 5.

Peak Hours: New singles are always available in MegaMates. However, the best time to get a perfect match is during evening hours, weekend and on holidays.