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Who is it for: Tango Personals is for individuals who seek to meet their half via an innovative dating service. It is designed for singles, both guys and girls who would like to connect with a sexy partner via a simple and effective service. The whole system is based on live phone chat but it also comes with an in innovative mailbox system.

Tango Personals comes with innovative features such as:

Voice Mailbox: Set up a Tango Personals voice post box where you can depict yourself and the sort of relationship you’re searching for in subtle element. Send, get and deal with your messages at whatever point you need; your voice letter box notice plays on the framework actually when you’re definitely not. Also, with classifications like Relationships, Dating & Friends, Intimate, and Tango Wild to look over, you’re certain to find that unique somebody who has the same hobbies as you.

Live Connector: Call Tango Personals and record a live welcome, depicting yourself and the sort of individual you’re searching for. At that point, listen to welcome from neighborhood ladies or men who are live on the framework, as well. Make an impression on an alternate guest when you hear something that hobbies you. When you’re prepared, you can ask for a completely private, live discussion with the guest of your decision. Your live welcome stays on the framework the length of you do, so you can record a crisp welcome that reflects your state of mind every last time you call.

Pricing / Packages:
Tango Personals comes with a range of affordable packages which include 120 minutes for $29.9 USD, 60 minutes for $9.99 USD and 10 minutes for $4.99 USD. Users can pay by either credit card, paypal or check, last category including even bank transfer via Western Union.

Offers Free Trial:
Yes, Tango Personals offers a free trial. Based on location, users will have to call a phone number in order to see which offer they qualify for.

Paid Membership Perks:
Paid members receive access to Live Mailbox and Live Connector, features which help them discover more partners and extend their reach in the given area. This service is ideal for active users seeking a partner for dating.

Top Cities: Tango Personals is available in over 1,000 cities from North America, helping users have fun with the sole aid of their cell phone.

Peak Hours: Peak hours would be between 20:00 and 0:00.

4 Stars. The services offered are great but prices could be a little lower. Tango Personals is in service for over 13 years and has already gained plenty of followers.