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Black Singlez is an 18+ chatline with a free-to-call 800 number, focused on finding fun as or with a black single man or woman. Once you call in, just hit 1 if you’re a man looking for women 2 if you’re a woman looking for men.

Getting Started

When calling you’ll immediately be offered a free membership – no contact info is required, you simply hit a few buttons to confirm that you’re over the age of 18 – it takes less than 10 seconds overall. You’ll receive a 5-digit membership number and you’ll be able to set your own 4-digit pin in order to quickly log in on later calls. Benefits of membership include the ability to add to a personal”hotlist” – a favorites list of members that will send you a text when one of your hotlist additions calls into the line. You’ll also be able to save a recorded greeting from call to call, your greetings will be played before non-members’ greetings, and you’ll be able to send a recorded voice message to men, even if they’ve logged off the line.

Once you’ve joined the chatline, you’ll hear an automated message telling you how many men are currently on the line – this isn’t necessary local men, but local greetings will be played first, and the system will tell you when it switches to those “national hotchat” members. (If you’d like to know where a member is from, you can always hit 8 to hear an automatic message with their closest metro area.)

Using Black Singlez

Once you’ve started listening to greetings, you’ll be able to use your telephone keypad to navigate:

1 – Connect live to the person you’re listening to.

2 – Send a message or icebreaker. (more on that later)

3- Skip to the next greeting.

4 – Add that member to your personal hotlist.

5 – Return to the beginning of all greetings.

6 – Listen to the previous member’s greeting.

7 – Block the member you’re listening to.

8- Listen to the caller’s metro area.

9 – Repeat your menu options.

* – Get help from customer service for chatline questions.

# – Change your greeting, switch your language to Spanish or leave the line.

Ice Breakers

The icebreaker system is an interesting one, and excellent for callers that may be a little shy at first. You’ll have your pick of five different types of icebreakers: flirt (light, sexy little messages), criticism (express a problem with the member or their approach), let’s get serious (deeper questions about life and personality), hot (sexy and ready for action), and we’re all adults here. They’re pre-recorded by the female system announcer voice, so they’re more about sparking a conversation at first than launching right into a live chat.

Flirt Icebreaker Options:

Your greeting made me smile.

You sound cute!

You sound hot!

If you sent me a message I’d definitely respond.

Tell me what you do for fun?

Okay I’m interested – tell me more tell me more!

Would you accept this rose?

Criticism Icebreaker Options:

(whip sound) – I ought to slap you for that.

Ew – I’ll give you one more chance. Try saying something nice this time.

I can’t hear you – for your sake, re-record your greeting.

Get out of here, I’m here to talk to a real person looking for a real connection.

Let’s Get Serious Icebreaker Options:

What about yourself would you most like to improve upon?

What is the one thing about yourself you’d most like me to know?

Describe how you’d like your life to change in the next 5 years?

What are your deepest regrets – the things you’d like to change about your past?

How important is religion to you?

How do you feel about abortion?

Hot Icebreaker Options:

Describe your favorite fantasy to me.

If I could be wearing anything you want, what would it be?

Describe a guilty pleasure of yours.

Describe what turns you on most about a woman.

Describe something you’d do to me to really turn me on without turning me off.

Describe your most impressive physical asset.

We’re All Adults Here Icebreaker Options:

Have you ever been unfaithful to a partner?

When was your last breakup, and what caused it?

If it was completely up to you, how often would you like to have sex?

Have you ever had a same-sex sexual experience? If not, would you ever?

Do you find porn a turn on or a turn off?

Have you ever had a one night stand, and what led to it?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you in the bedroom?

Additional Options:

While this line is focused on heterosexual relationships, Black Singlez also operates a chatline specifically for gay or bisexual black men to connect with other men. They do not appear to have a lesbian chatline, or lesbian options on either of their existing chatlines.

The Last Word

As a female caller, you can’t beat the price tag – it’s free to call in and use the system. For being a black-centric chatline, however, there isn’t much effort put into cementing that legacy. Outside of the phone line’s initial greeting slogan, there isn’t much separating the line from every other non-race-specific chatline – even the voice used for the pre-recorded icebreakers is clearly a Caucasian woman.