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Chatline Name: ChatlineUSA
Chatline Number: 1-816-533-2000
Chatline Website:
Company: VoiceHub
Category: Mainstream Straight Chatlines
Free Trial: Yes. ChatlineUSA has a free trial for everyone who is using the service for the first time.
Active Since: 2014

Most Active Markets: ChatlineUSA is active in most of the major North American cities, in Canada and the US.

Peak Hours: ChatlineUSA services are active all the time. You can easily connect with other singles at any hour, day and night.

Who Is It For?

Essentially, ChatlineUSA is targeted at adults. It is for people who are older than 18 years. If you are looking to meet straight single people in your area, this is the service to use. They offer clear chatlines to enable you hook up and date other locals. However, it is a clean service, meaning that you will not have to endure the naughty talk that is so common in other chat rooms.

Additionally, ChatlineUSA is for women and men who are looking to hookup, date and have fun with other straight people. As mentioned above, the service is not available to under 18s. Chatline cannot allow this because it would expose the kids and teens to adult conversations they should not be privy to.

Although ChatlineUSA isn’t opposed to alternative lifestyles, the room is strictly reserved for straight people. Therefore, female on female, TS / TG people, and male on male chats are not allowed. The ChatlineUSA team understands that you wish to meet people who share your preference. It would hinder the online experience if the users came across something that is different from what they were looking for.

The offering at ChatlineUSA is ideal for couples who wish to talk, connect and have fun in live – phone chat rooms. Women and men who need the service and who are above 18 are free to join in the fun provided.

Currently, ChatlineUSA is among the best spots to meet local singles who are looking for a good time, a hookup, dating and real love. The party line offers users the opportunity to greet and meet local women and men in their area.

As America’s favorite clean Chatline, ChatlineUSA is also easy to use, fast and efficient. All you need to connect to live people is a working phone. The service does not use paid actors or operators. Therefore, you can rest assured that everyone you will talk to is an actually caller like you.

Through the service, you will get a chance to talk to people and connect with them. This line is straight and clean, meaning that you do not have to worry about dirty creeps and raunchy conversations.

Thousands of people use the ChatlineUSA line on a daily basis. There are tons of people for you to choose from, in all age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds. The people on the line are, additionally, both willing and waiting to get to form a connection with you.

Service Features

1. ChatlineUSA lines are available for use by straight adults for connecting with other interested locals. To access the service, just pick up your phone and dial the service number provided.

2. The company stresses that they do not use paid actors or operators. Everyone you will meet on the phone line is real. This gives you the opportunity you need to get to know other people and have amazing conversations with them.

3. The large number of callers available at ChatlineUSA means that it is now possible for you to choose your options and make the pick that you think is most ideal. In case you are not satisfied by the last person you talked to, simply dial another number and you will meet someone new.

4. ChatlineUSA has made it very easy for people to get started on the service. All you have to do is dial the service number, leave an appropriate greeting. The greeting should have a short description of yourself and a message about what it is you are looking for – a hookup, real love or a date. After that, browse through other greetings posted. Once you find someone of the opposite gender who sounds interesting, send them an appropriate clean message and you will get connected.


ChatlineUSA offers very affordable payment packages. They run a number of packages that will suit your budget. To get the exact details, please place a call to 1-816-533-2000.

Additionally, ChatlineUSA also offers a free trial for all new users. Although you only get one free trial, it should be enough to paint you a clear picture about how their chat line service works.

Rating (4.7 out of 5 Stars)

ChatlineUSA is easy to use. Due to the free trial, you should get used to the service with no glitches or hitches. Similarly, there are many people online at all times and you will never experience any issues getting connected to those you are interested in talking to. Overall, the service deserves a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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